Wyze Cam V2 Indoor Security Camera Review.


Don’t be fooled: this $ 25 wireless security camera for the price is pretty good


  • Inexpensive.
  • Small, flexible form factor.
  • Sharp 1080p video.
  • Motion- and sound-triggered recordings.
  • Free cloud storage.
  • Local storage.
  • Time-lapse recording and motion tracking.


  • Doesn’t integrate directly with other smart home devices or support IFTTT.


The WizCam V2 is a cheap 1080p home security camera that is small in features but large in features.

Full Story

When we reviewed WizCam last year, its editing, features and very affordable pricing earned it the Editors’ Choice Award. With its latest iteration, the Viz Cam V2, the folks at Widgets Labs have made some improvements, including motion tracking, enhanced audio capabilities and a more powerful CMOS sensor. It is still our smallest home security camera and we tested it for $ 19.99 with incredible bargain prices, as well as our top pick for affordable home security cameras.

Design and Features

The smaller, cube-shaped Wyze Cam looks almost identical to its predecessor to the V2, only this time around matte white rather than glossy white. It has the same dimensions (2.2 by 1.8 by 5.5 inches, HWD) and uses the same flexible charm and swivel base that gives you a bit less than an inch of height adjustment and lets you angle the camera in any direction. You can use a magnetic base to attach the camera to a metal surface, or an included metal drum to attach to a metal lining.

V2 uses an upgraded CMOS sensor that delivers 1080p video at 15pps, higher than the 10fps rate we’ve seen in the original camera. A microphone and speaker provide two-way audio, courtesy of the extended audio amplifier. The camera has a 110-degree viewing angle and an 8x digital zoom, and uses four infrared LEDs to give black-and-white night vision up to 30 feet. This version features the new Motion Tagging. This is the iSmart alarm icamra used by the camera

There is a microSD card slot at the bottom of the base with a setup button to pair the camera with the app. Almost back there is a power input, a status light and a USB port that lets you operate two cameras with a single power adapter. Under the hood is an 802.11n (2.4GHz) Wi-Fi radio used to connect V2 to your home network. V2 sends push notifications to your phone and uses the speed and sound to start recording 12-second videos of each event.

You can get free cloud storage for the last 14 days of recorded video (old clips will be overwritten), or you can supply your own microSD card (up to 32GB) to store the video locally while enjoying continuous recording (the camera will automatically overwrite the old video). When the card is full). Like the previous model, V2 does not work directly with third-party smart home devices, or it does not support integrations using the IFTTT applet. But it’s Amazon

The Widgets Cam V2 uses the same intuitive mobile app for Android and iOS devices as the previous cameras. It opens on a device screen that shows snapshots of all the installed Wiz cameras and their latest activity by name. To view a live stream, tap any camera image. To see it in full-screen mode, move your phone along. At the bottom of the Live View screen are the Sound (Mute), Record (video), Speak (two-way audio) and Photo Capture (Snapshot) buttons. One more boat

Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to access the Camera Settings screen. Here you can enable / disable motion and sound detection and smoking and CO detection, set up an alert schedule for when you want to receive push alerts, and create custom motion detection zones. In the advanced settings screen you can enable / disable night vision, turn the camera’s status light on and off, rotate the image, and enable time stamps for recorded video.

Back to the devices screen, there is a Notification, My Account and Devices button. Use the notification button to view, share, or delete video clips equipped with the cloud. In My Account you can change your email address and password and access the web-based support database, and the Devices button takes you to the Devices screen. To add a new device, tap the plus button in the top right corner of the screen.

Installation and Performance

Widget Cam V installs in 2 minutes. I already had a mobile app and account from my review of the original model, but if this is your first Widgets Labs device, you’ll need to download the app and create an account. I open the app, tap on an ad new device and follow the instructions to plug in the camera and press the setup button as soon as the yellow LED starts flashing. A computerized voice told me that the camera was ready to connect, and I was

I was instructed to put an inch from my phone to give the camera, which is displaying a QR code, and waited a few seconds for the camera to let me know that the QR code was scanned. The camera was connected for 20 seconds or so. I gave the camera a name and waited another 20 seconds for the firmware upgrade to complete and the installation finished.

Widgets Cam V2 is a strong performer. Its daytime 1080p video shows good image details and beautifully saturated colors, and its Night Vision video is sharp and well lit up to 25 feet. There is a touch of barrel distortion around the edges but it is rarely noticeable.

Motion tracking, like speed and sound detection, also worked well in experiments. Push notifications immediately appeared when one of the sensors was triggered, and the recorded video looks great to look like a live stream. The two-way audio was very clean, and the time-lapse recording feature worked like a charm.


Despite its small size and steep price, Waze Cam V2 offers many features, including motion tracking, two-way audio, free cloud storage and a microSD card slot to enable your video to be stored locally and uninterrupted recording. Day and night 1080p video with minimal distortion Sharp and two-way audio communication clean and loud enough You won’t find support for interoperability or IFTTT with other smart devices, but considering the camera’s $ 20 value, non

Wyze Cam V2 Specs

Connectivity Wi-Fi
Notifications Push
Field of View 110 degrees
Resolution 1080p
Storage Cloud, Local
Two-Way Audio Yes
Night Vision Yes
Alarm No


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