Soundmagic E11C review


You will struggle to find better budget headphones


  • Improved sound
  • Enjoyable, with good detail for the price
  • Pleasant aluminium earpieces


  • Cut-down accessories package

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £49.99
  • S/M/L tips
  • 3-button remote
  • Right-angle jack
  • Aluminium earpieces

What are the SoundMagic E11C?

These earphones either don’t mean anything to you or will look as important as returning Star Wars films.

The SoundMagic E10, for the better part of a decade, was one of the most commonly recommended budget earphones. We’ve switched between platforms, including Android version, Bluetooth version and remotes. However, Soundmagic E11C is the first direct “sequel”.

These are no small jerks. Soundmagic E11C may look familiar but the sound is quite different from E10. Some relaxed smoothies are gone, but better mobility and mid-range definition make these ear headphones a clear league ahead of their predecessors.

SoundMagic E11C – Design

The exterior design of the Soundmagic E11C is structurally similar to the old E10. These are aluminum earpieces with large apertures and little piece of silicone rubber where the metal and wire meet.

Although their visual effects could not be more different. I have offered Soundmagic E10 to countless people over the years, but I do not like their paint jobs very much. Entry-level models have a double-tone brush design that looks for anyone, a teenager.

The Soundmagic E11C is a more matte, large matte segment in place of a glossy color with a subtle look. Soundmagic calls the Finnish silver, but there is actually a fine gold hint that further softens the tone.

Its cabling also seems to be no stretch, calling it the most upbeat earphones soundmagic, translucent look translucent than the glossy sheets of most E10 series variants.

Let’s hope they bring some more color soon.

SoundMagic claims that SoundMagic E11C also improves resilience. There is no obvious evidence of this, but after a couple of weeks of use they have not seen the diaphragm pop and jerk on previous E10 models. This happens as you take it to you and into your ear, changing the air pressure to make some parts of the driver flexible.

Although the wide world of headphones has changed drastically since the E10 was displayed. These are, in the end, very popular earphones with no particular attractive features. No wireless or active words are discarded. And today you can buy a decent Bluetooth pair of SoundMagic E11C for £ 50.

The “C” variant of these earphones has an aluminum in-line remote with three buttons, for music control and hands-free calls. It works with iPhones and Android. Don’t need a remote? The standard E11 is £ 10 cheaper.

There is a part of the E11C that seems to be downgraded. Soundmagic usually includes a generous selection of tips with its earphones, with plenty of size and dual-flanged harness. Now you get the standard three S / M / L sized plus a carry case of silicone tips.

If, like me, you always use the same size standard tip, this is not a problem. However, the accessory package here is more common than the soundmagic model. Although the tips are higher quality than the E10S I dug for comparison.

SoundMagic E11C – Sound quality

If the accessories budget is deducted to put more money into the word, this is a good move. Soundmagic E11C sound dramatically different to E10 without drastically changing the basic character.

SoundMagic’s E10 is a simple moving earphone with a strong alloy and a triple, but both sides have a certain tendency that some ears can’t close. These are earphones for everyone, and like the E11C.

Everything else has changed though. The sound of the E10C is much more dynamic than the E10 and most other budget pairing earphones.

The bus has more impact, and less mid-bus, which softens the sound to a pleasant but arbitrary. As SoundMagic promises, the E11C is a much more extended sounding pair than the E10.

Mid-range handling is what makes the mids exposed in much more detail than just those that are better than them. This means that the vocal is more expected of you than sitting back happily in the surrounding materials.

The Soundmagic E11C has a less comfortable character than the E10C, but every feature that identifies the sound quality in the speaker or headphone has been improved. Sound stage, separation, precision, control and dynamics: All in all, this price is great considering the price.

This is not the first time SoundMagic has aimed at a high-end sounding budget earphone. The Soundmagic E50 was based on the same concept. But Soundmagic E11C still offers the best combo of wonderful refinements for the price, and most of our choices are bus and energy and excitement.

Should I buy the SoundMagic E11C?

Any non-wireless headphones will have a tough life these days. However, while the phones still have headphone jacks, there is still room for a great-looking affordable pair like the E11C.

If they only sound as good as the Soundmagic E10, they will stand no chance. Solid payers from SchoolCandy and the House of Marley offer the same grade of sound and wireless at the same price. However, by significantly upgrading the sound, the E11C has become earphones.


Bright budget earphones, more worthy of follow-up than the prestigious E10

Trusted Score:                                                      ∗∗∗∗∗