Roku Express (HD) Streaming Media Player-2020 Review.

Roku Express Easy HighStreaming.

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Good The Roku Express is super affordable, easy to use and packed with streaming apps. Unlike last year, it loads menus, apps, and videos faster.

The bad menus may seem dated compared to their competitors, and some applications use the old-school layout.
The bottom line is that faster, easier and less expensive than the competition, Roku Express is the perfect basic streamer.

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Key Specifications

• Review Price: £29.99
• 1080p picture quality
• 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
• Remote control included
• Mobile app (iOS/Android)

What is the Roku Express (2017)?

Roku Express is a full HD streaming device that brings all streaming services to non-smart TVs including Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and Now TV. It is the company’s most affordable single and 1080p vibal to the pricier 4K streaming stick.

Now in its second generation, it claims to perform five times faster than its predecessor.
Although it is a competitive market. This goes against the cool (and still available) Chromecast from Google as well as the newly refreshed Amazon Fire TV stick.

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Roku Express (2017) – Design

We have become more accustomed to these elk devices so that for example – Amazon’s compact fire TV stick – but the Roku Express works differently.

It takes the form of a small black plastic box that sits just below your TV. Leaders connect via an HDMI port and a USB socket for power. As a result, it’s not as well-equipped as a solution for a cleaning competitor, but it can be helpful if you shake the back panel of your TV a bit.

It comes with a few key shortcut buttons on the unit as well as a small remote to control all basic navigation and playback functionality. These include the more questionable selection of Netflix and Red Bull TVs, Rakuten TVs and Yupp TVs.

It might be more useful to have the buttons here on Now TV, Amazon or Player, but I’m assuming that these companies paid for their device to be present.

Roku Express’ black plastic form factor is not going to make the design world any better. However, once connected, it can remain largely untouched – and most remain invisible.

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Roku Express (2017) – Setup

Getting and running Roku Express is as easy as plugging it in and following the on-screen instructions. These connect to your Wi-Fi network, as well as checking for a firmware update before you begin.

You may notice the setup screen is a bit fuzzy but don’t worry – these will run at 720p unless Express is able to test your display and connection; It will adapt itself accordingly. Mine is immediately switched to 1080p, but if your internet connection is not that good then you should live with Roku’s recommendation – no ability to do hardware hard over Ethernet.

When all is finished, you will be asked to visit the Roku website to register your device. You can easily choose the services you want to download here on your Express. You can add it later, but it gives you a starter for up to six people.

There are plenty to choose from: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, All 4, ITV Player and Demand 5 all present and accurate. For Sky Content, you have access to the Sky Store and now the TV.

You can find thousands more in the Channel Store – split into genres – ot also have over 100 games – but they can’t compete with better-quality selection on the Amazon App Store.

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Roku Express (2017) – Interface

Different from the full on-home screen instead of Amazon, Roku takes a simpler approach. You will see a short screen menu and square thumbnails of your selected application library.

Be sure to select an app and some ads from streaming services will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Program suggestions seem to adapt to your tastes over time, but this is not what we did when we tested the device. Note that you can turn off personalized ads in the settings if you prefer.

The menu is pretty straightforward and includes settings, a search function, and a link to the channel store to browse more apps. Movies or actors also have the option to ‘follow’, which will alert you to relevant price drops and new availability. Again, this only applies to content on Amazon and not TV.

The Roku Express’ interface is not the most elegant I’ve seen. However it is clean, clean and easy to navigate.

I noticed that some apps have a more dated interface than some competitors do. Apps like Amazon and Spotify have a rather basic layout and, in some aspects, more limited functionality. Because of this, if you are a Prime customer, you may want to look at the Fire TV stick.

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Roku Express (2017) – Performance

I can confirm that Roku Express (2017) is noticeably faster than its predecessor, with much less waiting around and a much smoother browsing experience.

Improvements are huge but still somewhat lower than their competitors. While the scrolling leg has been reduced to almost inefficient, loading and buffering time can be a bit longer than you would notice on a £ 10-price fire TV stick.

It’s far from sluggish, though, and for its $ 30 price tag it’s a perfectly acceptable experience.
This especially happens when you start watching. Roku Express produces a superbly sharp and stable 1080p image over Wi-Fi, with no drop in resolution or mid-watch buffering during testing.

Although Roku’s included remote works perfectly fine on basic navigation, I would also suggest downloading the Roku control application to unlock some advanced capabilities. Not only is it an enjoyable way to browse the “My Feed” section (hereinafter “What’s Going On”), it also provides a basic voice search by the movie or actor. It’s not as intelligent as Alexa, but it has the key functionality to adjust to the competition.

It also has a very simple option for “personal listening” that pulls the audio from the TV into a pair of headphones connected to your device. I’ve encountered some syncing issues with Bluetooth headphones, so you’ll want to use wired headphones to avoid so much experience.

Lastly, “Play Roku” lets you easily browse movies, music and photos on your mobile device and share them on the TV for the big screen.
Why Buy Roku Express (2017)?

For £ 30, it’s hard to argue with what Roku Express has to offer. With a wide selection of applications, a simple interface and a seamless outlook, it challenges the Fire TV Stick and its more Amazon-centric experience.

Instantly, the Fire TV Stick is quick to use and doesn’t present any interface discrepancies you’ll find in Roku Express. There is also Alexa, which provides voice control easily in the Roku app.

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you are probably better off spending $ 10 more on Amazon Fire TV Stick but you will lose some app availability in return.
For an equal-handed approach, and such a cheap on the market, it’s hard to beat Roku Express.

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