Ring Stick Up Cam Outdoor security camera review


The latest stick up cam in the ring is a very versatile security camera that can be used indoors or outdoors, wired or battery powered. This is a good entry in the ring ecosystem but lacks features compared to competing products.



  • Flexible installation
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Well-priced cloud storage


  • Fiddly to find motion events
  • No Google Assistant camera viewing


Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is a versatile battery powered wireless indoor / outdoor security camera that records motion-triggered video and stores it in the cloud.

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £179
  • Activity zones
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • 30-day video history (with subscription)
  • 1080p sensor
  • 150-degree field of view
  • Amazon Alexa support

What is the Ring Stick Up Cam?

The ring’s security camera range has continued to expand and expand beyond the Ring Video Doorbell 2, making it the most flexible model to date. The ring stick up cam is designed to be installed inside or outside, and has a highly flexible stand that allows it to be mounted on practically any angle.

As Power Over Ethernet (PoE) standard, this camera is more flexible, requiring only a single cable to provide both power and data. Here is the battery and solar powered version. They will use adjustable PIR motion sensing, so the flexibility of the wired version I reviewed here will not give you enough.

Ring Stick Up Cam – Design and build

The cylindrical body of the Ring Stick Up Cam looks great: it’s the right combination of smart and seamless from any secure product you want. Measuring 970 x 60 x 60 mm, the camera is small enough to hold wherever you want it. The outer case is weather-resistant, enabling the placement of cameras inside or outside.

It is pre-attached to a flexible stand, which can be used at a desk or turned upside down and screwed into place to act as a wall or ceiling mount.

Cleverly, there are two power options for this model: USB or Power over Ethernet. The latter allows you to use a standard Ethernet cable via a bundle PoE adapter to provide both power and data. Its benefits are twofold.

First, you only need a single data cable to hook the camera to your home network and power source Secondly, you can use a long Ethernet cable and install a stick up cam from your Wi-Fi range. This makes PoE a great choice for external installations.

For indoor use, the combination of USB and 802.11n networking will do the job. The bottom of the camera needs to be screwed using the special star bit that the ring provides in the box to fix the power or data cables in place.

Ring Stick Up Cam – Features

It’s easy to camera up a network using the Ring app: You simply scan the QR code below and follow the wizard একবার Once installed, your Ring Stick Up Cam will appear on the app’s homepage, along with any other cameras or doorbells installed.

Tapping the camera fuels the live view, allowing you to watch the video feed. The ring recently updated its view so that you also get a scrollbar that lets you go back through recorded events. It works fairly well, but not as smooth as the views you get with Nest cameras like the Nest Cam’s IQ; It still takes a lot of scrolling to jump back in time.

From the Live View screen, you can use the Talk option to talk through the camera. This is convenient if you want to chat with someone, or stop stealing. There is also a siren, which you say loud enough to be annoying and can surprise any thief you’ve caught in the act.

By default, the camera is set to record all speeds. With Ring Protect Basic, motion clips are stored in the cloud for free for 30 days. If you want to expire this test, spend £ 2.50 or $ 25 per month on one device for ring protection or £ 8 or £ 80 per year for an unlimited number of devices – effective if you have four or more cameras.

Ring Protect is well priced and cheaper than Nest Hour, but it’s important to note that Nest’s cloud service has added a few features to additional features such as cloud-based facial detection, and gives you consistent recording. Ring protection only stores speed-triggered events.

Out of the box, the ring stick up cam will detect motion throughout the image. You can set up speed zones to limit false alerts and adjust the sensitivity of the motion, even if only people prefer to detect motion.

Can be played with settings to get the right combination of alerts. Handley, if you can snooze the alerts, there’s a lot going on – say, builders frequently come out and still record the camera, but you won’t be bothered by the warning.

In addition to viewing Motion Events in the Live View, there is an Event History button that gives you a list of all events. It has no thumbnails and is only on the order of the list (most recent first) by time sequence (speed, doorbell ring).

Finding a specific event in the app can be tricky, especially since you have no filter options to help you zoom in on a particular day. If you have to go back 30 days to find an event, for example, it can involve a lot of scrolling. It’s useful that you filter the list by event type.

The new Live View mode lets you filter by day, though not by event type. Nevertheless, scrolling horizontally without a thumbnail instead of a vertical makes it a bit laborious to find a specific event.

Video clips can be downloaded to your phone or computer (via the web app), so you can preserve any important evidence before deleting it from the ring server.

Ring Stick Up Cam – Performance

By setting up my required motion zones and adjusting the motion detection sensitivity for the camera, I was able to see that the ring stick up cam took the important speed but ignored other things like the swing of the air.

Separating a few false positives (when the camera was installed outside), the ring stick up cam was able to maintain the right balance between capturing important events without spamming me with caution.

The alerts pop up on your phone and tapping them takes you to the recorded clip, so I could see what I was seeing.

Ring Stick Up Cam – Video quality

Ring stick up cam default to save bandwidth at a 720p resolution, though you can force it to use 1080p instead. There’s a 150-degree wide-angle lens that means you can capture most of the house / lot from anywhere you can use the camera anywhere.

In daylight, the footage of the ring stick up cam is very good. The details come out a bit slowly in the background, but nearby, the camera holds information and the people and faces are easy to spot and detect.

At night, IR lights come on and illuminate a house or outside. The image is noticeably soft, as is the case with all security cameras in this mode, but you can still identify individuals and select faces from the recorded footage.

Ring Stick Up Cam – IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

With an IFTTT channel, you can activate other devices when your camera speeds up. For example, you can turn on Philips Hue Light to better steal footage.

Since Alexa is an Amazon company, Alexa support is there. You can use the ability to show your video feed on any device with a screen, such as the Echo Show 2nd gen

There’s a Google Assistant capabilities, but it doesn’t allow you to stream footage from the camera to a device like the Google Home Hub. Instead, you can ask for ring health for device health or for last activity. I find that the modernists used the wrong time; I’m assuming that it chose the wrong time zone.

Why buy the Ring Stick Up Cam?

Its neat installation option, high quality video and the option to install indoors or out makes the Ring Stick Up Cam a great choice for any home. The Nest Cam is also a very good price when compared to outdoor IQ choices. If you’ve already got another ring device like Ring Video Doorbell 2, this camera makes a lot of sense. You can also see my other suggestions in the best security camera guide.

Although it is not quite perfect. Although the timeline view is a big improvement over the app, finding a specific event is relatively tight. The Nest app is far easier to navigate

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery Specs

Connectivity Wi-Fi
Integration IFTTT
Notifications Push
Field of View 115 degrees
Resolution 1080p
Storage Cloud
Two-Way Audio Yes
Mechanical Pan/Tilt No
Night Vision Yes
Alarm Yes


Trusted Score:                                                            ∗∗∗∗∗

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