Ring Indoor Cam Review.

Ring Indoor Cam Review.


  • Affordable.
  • Sharp 1080p video.
  • Motion detection.
  • Supports Alexa voice control and IFTTT.
  • Easy to install.


  • Requires subscription to record video.
  • No sound detection.


Ring Indoor Cam is an affordable smart security camera that delivers sharp 1080p video. It supports voice control and works with other smart devices, but you pay a monthly fee to watch motion-triggered videos.

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Best known for video doorbells and outdoor security cameras, the ring’s new Indoor Cam ($ 59.99) is the company’s first indoor-only camera, as well as the most affordable model so far. It captures sharp 1080p video, supports Amazon Alexa voice commands, and works with other smart devices through IFTTT applets.

The camera also offers motion detection, but you have to pay a monthly fee to activate and view motion-triggered recordings. If you would like to save money on subscription fees by storing your recorded video locally, consider our Editors’ Choice for Affordable Security Camera, the 90D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8300LH.

Design and Features

The white indoor cam ring has the same cylindrical shape as the stick up cam battery, but 2.5 by 1.5 inches (HW), about half its size. It sits at the top of a circular desktop base that you can remove and back on camera if you want to mount on a wall.

The front of the camera has a black face, a status LED, and speakers and microphone arrays for two-way audio. Nearly a mini USB power port on the back. The camera has a 6.5-foot power cable and plug-in adapter, mounting screws, a user guide and safety sticker with

The indoor cam video captures 1080p and has a 140-degree viewing area. It uses a series of small infrared LEDs for night vision and is equipped with a 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi radio to connect to your home network. It only offers motion detection with a public setting that will ignore everything but human speed, but if you want to watch and share a motion-triggered video, you’ll need to subscribe to a ring protection plan.

The basic security plan goes for a reasonable $ 3 / month and $ 30 per year and gives you 60 days of video history for a camera. Plus the plan costs $ 10 per month / $ 100 per year and provides 60 days of video history for all your ring cameras. If you have a ring alarm system, then the plan also provides 24/7 professional monitoring.

Like other ring cameras, indoor cameras use IFTTT applets to work with smart devices like lighting, thermostats and garage door openings, and it supports the Work With Ring program, which lets you control certified third party devices from within the ring.

Indoor cams use the same mobile app as every other ring device. When you install the camera, on the camera screen it gets its own tab with a still image of the latest activity taken. Near the top of the screen are buttons for nearby events, history, and lights (you’ll only see the lights button if you install the ring lighting device).

To see recent events reported by your neighbors using the Ring Neighbors app, tap the Nearby Events button. The History button lets you view all activity from your installed ring device. Tap an activity’s entry to watch, download, or delete the video for the event.

Tap on the Indoor Cam tab to see the timeline of the video recorded with the timestamp. Here you will find a live button that opens a live feed which when you turn your phone sideways or tap the square icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel, you will see in full-screen mode live You have to tap the microphone button to start two-way audio. You can talk to anyone at your door and tap the speaker button to mute the sound U.

Camera settings are available by tapping the gear button in the top right corner. Here you can enable / disable motion recording and motion alerts, configure motion and video settings, enable push alerts, and connect indoor cams to other ring devices, which can trigger recording on other ring cameras and ring lights when installed. Lets turn on Device health settings let you test wireless signal strength, check Wi-Fi, and update firmware.

Installation and Performance

Unlike other ring cameras that we have reviewed, indoor cam is easy to install. I already had a ring account, but if this is your first ring product then you need to download the app and create an account.

I opened the app, tapped a device set up, and selected security cams from the list. There is a QR code behind the indoor cam that I scanned with my phone and name the current location for the install. I followed the video instructions to plug the camera in and waited a few seconds for it to power up, at which point the camera’s voice guidance greeted me in the ring.

I continued to tap and made sure the LED was shining and selected Yes to join the network. Within 10 seconds, the voice informed me that the camera was connected to the ring network. I selected my Wi-Fi SSID, entered my password, and the camera is connected to my network right now You can view or skip the physical installation instructions, enable or disable audio, with other users.

The ring provided sharp 1080p video on indoor cam tests. The daytime video provided strong color and very good image details, while the black-and-white video was well-lit and showed good contrast. No evidence of barrel or pincushion deformation was found. The motion detection of the indoor cam served as an advertisement, and a push alert appeared as the camera’s motion was detected. Motion-triggered video recordings were just as sharp and colorful as live feeds, and the two-way audio was clean and

While detecting the motion of the indoor cam, I created an IFTTT applet to turn on the Philips Hue light and it works every time. Testing Alexa’s voice performance was complicated at first: I couldn’t watch the video from the camera on my TV, but after solving some elaborate problems with a very helpful ring technician, it was determined that my (older) Fire TV stick was the culprit. I installed an EcoShow device and had no problem viewing the video from the indoor cam.


The Ring Indoor Cam is not only a smart choice for anyone who has already invested in a ring ecosystem, it also provides affordable key points for users to test smart home protection waters. It installs in minutes and Alexa responds quickly to voice commands and IFTTT applets to our tests, and it delivers 1080p video and clear two-way audio during sharp day and night.

Our biggest gripe with cameras is that you have to pay to watch recorded videos. For a few more dollars, the D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi camera DCS-8300LH offers local and cloud storage options and supports Alexa voice and IFTTT applets and has sound recognition. As such, it is our editors’ choice for affordable indoor security cameras.


Ring Indoor Cam Specs

Connectivity Wi-Fi
Integration Amazon Alexa, IFTTT
Field of View 140 degrees
Resolution 1080p
Storage Cloud
Two-Way Audio Yes
Mechanical Pan/Tilt No
Night Vision Yes
Alarm No


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