Netatmo Welcome Indoor Security Camera Review.

Netatmo Welcome :


NetTamo Welcome is a great budget camera with its full HD sensor and free cloud storage, but limited recording means that it is not ideal for everyone.


  • Clever face-recognition tech
  • No subscription fees
  • IFTTT channel
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Excellent privacy controls


  • Can’t turn off light
  • No cloud storage

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £200.00

What is the Netatmo Welcome?

Smart home-security cameras have entered a chaos for entering the market of late, and NetTamo Welcome is leading the charge. Like its competitors, NetTeam monitors your home and records when something happens and sends you alerts. However, there are a few things that make this particular security cam stand out above the competition.

For one, subscription doesn’t claim to enjoy its most useful features. You pay once: that’s it. Even better, it uses clever facial recognition technology that eliminates annoying false-positive notifications. These two things make it one of the best smart-home products I’ve seen all year.

Netatmo Welcome – Design & Features

NetTamo wins more points for creating cameras that don’t look like cameras. Observe this for more than a few seconds, and of course the lens becomes clear, but it doesn’t last. Its design is tall, thin and elegant.

It’s also easy to set up. Plug it in, install the app, and follow the instructions. The challenge you face is the end where you should do it. Nettamo states that you should avoid powerful sources of light, which I did but I also made the mistake of having it in the living room to watch TV. Welcome from the Game of Thrones as endless notifications as recognized characters.

My mistake – though it only goes to highlight how clever NetTeam’s face-recognition technology is.

For the first week or two, people learn it’s faces as they come. When it recognizes a new face, you create a profile and tell the app whose face it is. In my experience, it takes two weeks for Wellcome to create a reliable profile – though, be warned: it is likely to throw something off to get a haircut.

For the first week or two, people learn it’s faces as they come. When it recognizes a new face, you create a profile and tell the app whose face it is. In my experience, it takes two weeks for Wellcome to create a reliable profile – though, be warned: it is likely to throw something off to get a haircut.

And with that, Nettomo deals with my biggest grip with products like Welcome NestCam, which sends notifications for any movement, no matter the significance.

Other cameras are good at recording what’s going on or monitoring low traffic zones, but they become annoying when used as a security mechanism in busy homes. Welcome When I send a notification, I know it will be relevant. This is vital

Facial recognition solves the second problem – personal privacy. Having a camera for protection is great but not everyone feels comfortable recording with their daily lives. Once Wellcome has determined who is who, when it records it, it is possible to control it, whether it is always there, or just after reaching home. You can even set to send you notifications at certain times – for example after a curfew

Netatmo Welcome – Recording & Image Quality

All the footage provided is recorded at 1080p on an 8GB microSD card, which brings me to another great benefit of Welcome – no extra fees. Most security cams charge for cloud storage. Often the features and the levels of recording can be annoyingly confusing, so for every one of the methods, NetTeam is a bit refreshing.

How much you can record on your 8GB card will depend on the settings. Left to record everything, I discovered that you can get 24 to 48 hours of history. If you are more selective, it is possible to get recordings for several days before Welcom begins to overwrite old footage.

This is more than enough, especially since you can download clips to your phone or computer using the app or mobile console. The only weakness in this system – as you’ve already realized – is that if a thief swipes your welcome, you won’t be able to access the recordings. There is no alternative cloud option, and you cannot stream the recording to the network storage.

NetTamo, of course, considered it. Without saving the recording in the cloud, the first frame of a clip is saved as a photo. This means you will still be able to access them while the camera is offline, enabling you to get a criminal view of the police.

For the discerning, it would be easy to be able to turn off NetTamo Welcome’s glowing red status light y when it comes to speed and start recording – and it’s hard to miss; NestCam offers this option in its app

As for recording quality, this is about what you would expect from a decent 1080p camera – it’s good enough to be face to face. Basically, Night mode is also effective. If you identify people in the dark, facial recognition will still work most of the time.

Other Things to Consider

Excluding all the key features, there are a few more useful features to focus your attention on. The first of these is an IFTTT (if it’s on) channel, so you can trigger other devices based on the welcome alert. It can play a specific song, for example, or help control the nest thermostat.

You can control multiple Welcome cameras from the app, and you can share access with other users of your home – or even friends and family – even if you’re away.

NetTamo sells window and door sensors for added security. These sensors will alert you to vibrations and other disturbances, giving you another layer of protection for areas covered by the camera.

One of the downside to Welcome is that it doesn’t support any of the established smart-home systems like ZigBee or Apple’s HomeKit. This is disappointing and will give a damn for some, but the IFTTT channel offers actionable here.

Should you buy the Netatmo Welcome?

Welcome The only secured camera I’ve tested that I’m still using – which breaks in pieces. Although a nest cam is ideal for those who have already bought the Nest ecosystem, Welcome is a better standalone product.

It may not be perfect for everyone – it’s for internal use only, for example. But its clever technology, thoughtful design and combination of “no strings attached” make it one of the best options out there.

Basically, it provides extra protection while maintaining people’s privacy, which is hard to stop.


The real smart features make NetTamo a great entry into the competitive field.

Trusted Score:                                             ♥♥♥♥♥

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