Nest Hello Outdoor security camera review.


Great performance, facial detection and continuous video recording make Nest Hello the ultimate video doorbell.


  • Fast response
  • Continuous recording option
  • Can silence internal chime
  • Facial recognition


  • Installation a little tricky
  • Few Quiet Time options

The Bottom Line :

Nest Hello is today’s intelligent video doorbell and a really solid choice for anyone – but it is especially appealing if you sell a wide Google / Nest smart home.

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £229
  • Talk and see caller through your phone
  • 1600 x 1200 portrait capture
  • Facial recognition and continuous recording (via Nest Aware)
  • IFTTT channel
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration

What is the Nest Hello?

No wonder it took so long to launch a video doorbell to challenge a major competitor in the ring. Worth the wait: The nest hello ring builds on video doorbell features, adding extra protection and convenience to your front door.

Portrait-mode answering, continuous video recording, and the ability to answer your door from your Google Home all make Nest Hello a powerful, intelligent and flexible way to secure your front door. By security, I’m not just referring to people at your front door; The fact that Nest Hello can record permanently means that this model is a quality security camera that lets you see what’s going on outside your front door.

Nest Hello – Design and build

The Nest Kit – like the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor – has always fascinated the “look” section and Nest Hello is no different. The sleek black lozenge-shaped case will be right at home on the outside of your home. Nest Hello is a doorbell and I found it smart enough to make it clear that it should be chewed on by guests; Plain enough that it does not destroy the outside of your home.

117 x 43 x 26 mm, the Nest Hello is thinner than the Ring Video Doorbell 2 This is mostly the only product wired to the Nest Hello, so there is no huge battery to adjust to the outer casing. This is one of the things that fits the battery inside the door and is able to avoid its door view peephole camera by simply putting the camera on display.

Nest Hello’s thin body makes it a bit easier to fit the device into place. I live in a Victorian house with a narrow door frame, which is not easily included in the ring video Doorbell 2 and I ended up using the wedge adapter, showing the camera away from the garden path up to the door. Nest Hello was in a much easier position, fitting the door frame to cover the entire front door.

In the box, you’ll find a doorbell with a 15-degree wedge in the corner, so if you have a different layout for me, you can see the area to cover your entry-way.

Since Nest Hello is just wired, installation with Ring Video Doorbell 2 is not as convenient as it is for starters, you will need a transformer and none of the existing ones can work; The house needs a 16 to 24V AC transformer and many UK models have 12V. I had to upgrade my transformer to install Nest Hello; The problem I didn’t have when wiring in the ring video doorbell 2 was that you also needed an internal chime.

Although a skilled dewyer may be able to cope with the installation, a professional install is the way or many to accept. This will set you back $ 100 and include connecting the doorbell and working it through the app. Can provide installation at home purchase, by calling an authorized installer across its network.

Note that you may need a replacement transformer and chim; The installation service doesn’t cover running new cabling, so expect to pay more if you don’t have a wired doorbell.

Nest Hello – Features

Nest Hello is powered by the Nest app, which is also on other products in the range like Nest Cam IQ and Nest Thermostat. If you already have some nest kits, a single place is very convenient for all.

It is fairly straightforward to hello up a nest on your home network. In my case, Nest wanted to use Nest Protect to join the camera on my home network. This required a simple tap of the Nest Protect main button, but the method failed the first time.

Annoyingly, Nest provides no alternative installation method. In the end, I removed the nest protection from the wall (it’s in an outside office) and moved it to the front door, where Nest Hello is connected to my home network. If Nest lets you manually access a wireless network, it’s even easier if its installation fails.

Nest Hello has built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi but UK laws are such that only support 2.4GHz band. But make sure you have a strong wireless connection at the front door.

Once the camera is connected, the Nest Hello can be monitored and controlled just like any other Nest camera. The video was shot at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 and presented in portrait rather than landscape. Combined with a 160-degree lens, the video format is a good choice, as it means you capture a person’s entire body as you approach your front door.

Like other Nest cameras, you can set the schedule when the camera is active or turn it on or off depending on your location. Your location tracking and scheduling should not be used together, as this can have unpredictable results – the camera may be turned off after you exit.

However, with this type of product, it makes more sense to leave the camera permanently outside The button on the outside pad will make your inner chim ring and you’ll get a pop-up notification on your phone (and the Apple Watch, if you have one). Answer the conversation exactly as you expected.

If you are in a hurry, there are three pre-defined speech options, which should be read by a Google Assistant via a doorbell speaker: “You can leave this”, “We will be with you”, “We will not answer the door”. , But may be effective if you are otherwise occupied, such as at a meeting at a work place.

The nest uses a chim connector, which sits between your doorbell and your indoor chim. This is a neat addition, because it means that if you don’t want to play it you can permanently close your inner pinch.

You can also temporarily disable the pinch for 30, 60 or 90 minutes using the quote time feature in the app. It is a shame that there is no alternative to scheduling a quiet period of time, such as overnight.

Nest Hello – Performance and Nest Aware

The inner chime ring is as instant and as instant as using a traditional tiara doorbell. Smartphone notifications can take up to 30 seconds to arrive on your phone and take a few seconds to respond when the app is connected. It’s faster than the ring video doorbell, which takes a while to get up and connect to your wireless network, especially in battery mode.

If you go out and play the quality of your mobile signal has played an important role and I have occasionally had a situation where the Nest app could try and connect to the nest hello, then the time was up and the doorbell would reboot. This is a bit frustrating, but for the most part I have been able to answer the door bell very quickly before the person playing.

High quality microphones and external speakers make it easy and clear to chat with whoever is in your front door. Also, since the video is in portrait mode, you can usually chat with your phone. For the ring you need to convert your phone to landscape mode, which is a tactic; Also, the phone is not comfortable or secure to hold this position.

By default, Nest Hello recognizes people, which you can use to configure speed alerts: you can toggle notifications for general speed or people. It’s a neat way to keep track of who’s at your front door, but who can’t ring the bell. With the app you can see thumbnails of previous activity, including speed and ring events.

Like other Nest cameras, Nest Hello gets better when you add a Nest Hour subscription. The most important addition is the 24/7 video recording. Once it’s on, you can scroll back through your video history and see what happened; There is no possibility of missing an important event because the camera was not triggered to record.

The Nest app is great for handling, with its timeline view highlighting events (motions and rings) to easily scroll through everything so they can be easily found. Alternatively, the Event View lets you jump right into an event, making it easy to find the one you want with thumbnails. The gold standard of nest video history; Let alone any other security camera, the doorbell, comes close to powering the offer here.

The disadvantage of continuous recording is the bandwidth that the system will use. According to Nest, a camera set to low quality will typically use 50GB of data a month; In medium it is 150 GB and higher is 300 GB. You will definitely want unlimited connection with a decent upload speed to use this feature, especially if you want to set the video to high.

There is also an option to listen and to alert you aloud. Some other cameras in Nest Hello with less sophisticated microphones have no ‘person talking’ and ‘dog shaking’ warnings. I don’t think this is a major problem, as word recognition can often lead to a lot of false positives, when a camera thinks it has heard something important constant

Nest Hour also adds a few extra features. Zones allow you to configure the part of the image you want to monitor, override the neighbor’s past, cut out false alerts. For each zone, you can toggle individual and speed alerts individually. Nest also allows you to zoom and lock the zoom level digitally, which can be a good way to harvest a neighbor’s garden: under current UK law, you can record on the street, but the neighbor’s privacy is theirs

Face recognition is also available. Any faces recognized by other cameras (Nest Cam IQ or Nest Cam Outdoor IQ) are carried out and automatically recognized by Nest Hello. For new faces, you can tell the app which people know you and which you don’t. It personalizes the notifications you receive, letting you know if there’s a stranger or stranger at the door below. It’s a shame you didn’t receive warnings based on whether or not someone was recognized

Facial recognition is truly powerful and over time the system gets better; Further it sees the same people. Mistakes can be made, and Nest can sometimes make two entries for the same person. They can be integrated to improve detection in the future.

Nest Hour used to be very expensive, but the new entry level subscription is $ 4 a month (or $ 40 a year) for five days of video history. This is great value, especially when you consider that Nest Hour’s camera or doorbell’s cloud storage offer is much better than its competitors.

Nest Hello – Video quality

Nest blow-out or shaded areas use HDR to provide better quality footage without detailing – and it works well. The footage of the day is brilliantly published throughout the picture.

Due to compression, the fast-moving video loses some detail, but you get a sharp image when someone is standing in front of your door and waiting for your answer. The image contains very few words and is easy for individuals to identify. Of course, compared to the competition, Nest Hello is up there.

At night the camera uses its IR LED. These were strong enough to light up my entire front garden. Some details get wasted and the image gets a bit noisy, but the same features come across and you get a detailed image of anyone waiting outside your home.

Nest Hello – Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and more

Nest Hello works with Google Assistant Notifications. When the doorbell is pressed, your Google Home (or other assistant-enabled device) will announce that someone is at the door, so you know when you’re not near your phone or in your doorbell’s ear. If the camera recognizes someone, the notification informs you that there is someone you know at your front door. It’s a shame that it doesn’t tell you who’s at the front door.

Notifications can be toggled on every device using the Google Assistant app (not the Google Home app) on your phone (iOS and Android). If you just want to see what’s going on, you can cast a video to a Chromecast.

If you have a smart display like Google Home Hub or Lenovo Smart Display 10 you have another strategy: The screen shows a live feed from Nest Hello alongside voice notifications, so you can see who’s at the door. Even better, you can now answer directly from the device. You may find that the feature is not working for you and you will not receive a video stream when you tap the answer. The answer to this problem is to link your Nest account from the Google Home app and give it a go

Once I have done that, tap the talk button to let me answer the front door and then talk to the other person a I found that it was much quicker to pull out my phone, tap the notification, and load the same thing on the app, especially on my desk. Because the Home Hub is there, the quality of the smart display you are using will reduce the quality of the call: Google Home Hub is a Danta works and my iPhone was louder than the use of l

If you do not want to talk to the person playing your door, you can tap the response button and use a canned response instead (‘You can leave it at the door,’ etc.). Doing so using a smart display is faster than using your phone.

It’s a shame you can’t answer your doorbell with a smart speaker like Google Home. Although this device will tell you that there is no one at the door, it cannot open the two-way channel for chat. If you could say something like that, it would be so important, ‘Ok Google, answer the front door’.

Alexa support is available, though it is limited to viewing camera feeds on a video-enabled device such as the Amazon Echo Show or Fire TV. Currently, there is no option to declare or reply to a ring.

An IFTT channel only has triggers, so you can control other devices when your Nest Hello is a sound or motion event (or both). For better automation, there is work with Nest, which has some automated rules. For example, when you’re away for more than 24 hours, the speed can automatically turn on your Philips Hue lights to induce you to feel at home.

Why buy the Nest Hello?

Installing like a Nest Hello Ring Video Doorbell 2 with no battery is not easy or convenient, which can be practically installed anywhere. But this is only a minor disadvantage, as there are many more benefits to the competition than the fully wired Nest Hello.

Swiffer performance, Google home notification and smart display response, also, continuous video recording and facial recognition with Nest Hour make Nest Hello the best video doorbell. It’s also a great security camera in its own right, so this model is the ultimate buy in front of you

Comparison of  Nest Hello Outdoor with other cameras.

Nest Hello Ring Video Doorbell Ring Video Doorbell 2 Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Price $229 $99 $199 $249
Video Quality 1600 x 1200, HDR 1280 x 720 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Night Vision
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Field of View 160 degrees 180 degrees 160 degrees 160 degrees
Connectivity 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
Other Features Full support for 24/7 streaming. Person Alerts Adjustable motion zones Adjustable motion zones Adjustable motion zones
Audio Noise and echo cancellation. Option to play pre-recorded messages when people to come to the door Two-way audio with noise cancellation Two-way audio with noise cancellation Two-way audio with noise cancellation
Power Requires a wired connection with 16V AC to 24V AC. Battery-powered. You can also hardwire it with 8-V to 24-V AC. Battery-powered. You can also hardwire it with 8V to 24V AC. Requires a wired connection with 16V AC to 24V AC.
Size 4.6 x 1.7 inch x 1.0 inches 5 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches 5.1 x 2.5 x 1.1 inches 4.5 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches

Trusted Score:                                            ∗∗∗∗∗