Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera review.


Nest Cam Outdoor is part of the Name Home Security ecosystem, a precise, tamper-resistant, intelligent camera. However, it is expensive and most of its great feature set is only payable to cloud storage plan customers.


  • Really easy to install
  • Powerful motion detection
  • Excellent video quality
  • Geofencing and scheduling


  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Needs a decent internet connection

The Bottom Line :

The Nest Cam Outdoor is there with Netzler’s Arlo as a recommended DIY outdoor camera – you just have to decide whether you want to work with a power cord or Arlo’s battery instead.

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £159.00
  • 1080p 30fps video
  • Activity Zones (with subscription)
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • 130-degree field of view
  • 10- and 30-day video history (with subscription)

What is the Nest Cam Outdoor?

Observing the exterior of your home can make a lot of sense – especially if break-ins occur in your area. The difficulty is that outdoor cameras have been a bit of a pain to set up and configure traditionally. Nest Cam expects painless outdoor installation, smart monitoring and a design that makes it truly beautiful to look at when a camera is installed.

Nest Cam Outdoor – Design and Build

Nest wanted to create a camera that looked easy and great to install. I’m glad they both achieved it. With no security camera ever going to be desired, the Nest Cam Outdoor comes close. With its spherical back and flat front, the camera looks more like a high-end spotlight than a traditional ancillary security device.

It’s even harder to rate at IP65. This means it can withstand perfectly dusty and low-pressure water jets. Heavy spring rains even make it big enough.

More importantly, Nest Cam Outdoor is extremely easy for most people to self-install. Rather than being tightly wired to the electrical circuit, the Nest Cam Outdoor comes with two-part integrated waterproof power supply. A three-pin plug has a tightly-wired junction box, and the camera has a captive weatherproof USB cable that connects to the junction box.

With its simplest form of installation, all you need to do is attach the junction box to a wall through the provided bracket and place the plug in an outdoor socket. If you do not have an outdoor socket, you will need to drill through a wall and drive the USB cable through the junction box, which you plug into a standard power socket.

For all installations, you can use Nest’s great magnetic camera mount. These mounting screws are in a wall and because it is around you do not need to level it. Then you simply tap the camera on the mount and hold its magnet. The magnet is powerful enough to hold the camera, but still gives you some movement, so you can rotate and tilt the camera until you’re happy with the viewing area.

I got an outdoor power socket and it didn’t take more than 30 minutes to physically install the camera, which kept all the cabling neatly using the provided cable clips.

Nest Cam Outdoor – Features

For the camera to work, the application provided must use it to connect to your Wi-Fi network (only 12.5N, 2.5 GHz). Nest has an app for all devices that is easily useful, as you can use the same app for outdoor camera, Nest cam indoor and Nest thermostat. I found my camera painless online and connected to my Wi-Fi, the live preview that the app uses ensures that I have access to my garden.

About having a security camera while not recording your privacy, for this purpose, the camera can be turned off automatically while you’re at home, only when the mobile app comes out to you c It can track your entire family, such as nesting multiple user accounts. Support

You can set the time to turn the camera on and off. I configured myself to record until 9am when it was dark. The nest schedule is a bit confusing to use at first because the app displays bars that you naturally want to touch and slide but can’t. This is a slight complaint though, and once your schedule is set correctly you are unlikely to touch this setting.

Just like the cam indoor, the outdoor version has a microphone and speakers so you can talk to someone outside. This can be useful for talking to a courier or warning against a thief. A great IFTTT channel lets you integrate the camera with other smart devices – for example, the camera turns on the lights while detecting movement.

Nest Cam Outdoor – Performance and Nest Aware

Like the previous Nest cameras, the Cam Outdoor is much more dependent on the Nest Hour subscription. It costs $ 8 a month for 10 days of video history, or $ 24 per month for 30 days of video history – but if you buy an annual subscription, you get 12 months for 10 costs.

The camera records in 24 hours at Nest Hour, so you can scroll back to your full video footage. The service enables several additional features, including advanced motion detection, the option to create, save and download video clips, and the ability to set special zones manually, called activity zones.

Except for Nest Hour, you get basic speed alerts, photos of the activity are stored for three hours, and you can watch the stream live. The camera does not have a powered board and does not have the ability to store video in a separate location, such as a NAS drive. With a lack of features, the non-subscribed cam outdoors seems a bit pointless.

If you opt for multiple cameras, be prepared to pay even more, $ 4 a month for a 10-day history for each additional camera, or $ 12 per month for a 30-day history – with the same annual discount as before. If you’ve got two outdoor cameras and one indoor, you’ll need to spend $ 16 a month on a 10-day plan.

Although Nest Hour is expensive, it’s just about the best cloud system I’ve used. Both the app and the web console are fast and easy to use, clearly highlighting any detected events. Motion processing is top notch, ignoring the camera tree swing just by warning you of ‘proper’ activity. As a result, I received very few false positives and not a continuous plethora of notifications.

Nest can make the difference between a conscious person and other movements, gives different notices. There is no way to set up a camera just to let people know when it detects what you can do with a NetToMo presence.

Using the web app, not just the mobile version, you can set an activity area to monitor certain areas of the image. This is an easy way to cut notifications further. With Jones set, you can choose which ones to be informed about and which ones to ignore.

Finally, the Nest Cam Outdoor Glass heard loud noises as it broke and provided a warning alert. Notifications are best, showing a steady picture of the activity you detect with both Android and email alerts.

Nest Cam Outdoor – Video Quality

Although the Nest Cam Outdoor can record 1080p, it’s at 720p by default. You can manually force the camera to 1080p mode, though you get a warning that says the camera may be hot and it will use more bandwidth.

In general, Nest suggests that 720p video uses 200Kbps on average with a maximum of 500Kbps for a lot of activity scenes, while PPPs use 450Kbps on average with a maximum of 1.2Mbps. This translates into 60GB to 380GB of bandwidth per month depending on the resolution and operation, so you will definitely want unlimited broadband. I recommend leaving the camera set in its auto setting, as 720p footage is more than enough for a security camera.

The quality of the image is great. In the daylight the picture is sharp and the faces are clearly seen. Some details, such as grassy areas, are blurred but important information is kept.

When dark at night, the camera switches to IR mode. It didn’t fool into swinging modes lit by a torch, so you know that the Nest Cam Outdoor will reliably record. I was fascinated by the IR lights, which illuminated my 40 foot garden all the way to my shed underneath.

Should I buy the Nest Cam Outdoor?

Nest Cam Outdoor is happy to pay for a subscription to Nest Hour, and you have one of the best secured cameras that have broadband bandwidth to attach it to. With a subscription, you get 24 hours of recording, excellent motion recognition and a fast application with which to watch everything.

The closest competition is the presence of the NetTamo, which can tell the difference (in most cases) between people, animals and cars. This is more expensive than Nest Cam Outdoor, but it has no monthly subscription cost for free integration with Dropbox or any FTP server. The downside is that the Nettmore camera is hard to install, and the overall experience isn’t quite as dramatic.

Trusted Score:                                               ∗∗∗∗∗