Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera Review.

Nest Cam IQ Review


  • Excellent image quality
  • Incredible face recognition
  • Can track intruders around a room


  • Expensive
  • Heavily reliant on a Nest Aware subscription

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £299.00
  • 4K sensor
  • Activity Zones (with subscription)
  • Face recognition (with subscription)
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • 130-degree field of view
  • 10- and 30-day video history (with subscription)
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support
  • Can be turned into a Google Home

Editor’s comment: Since the launch of NestCam IQ, a new entry-level Nest Hour subscription has been launched, and the camera now has Google Assistant support. These changes make the camera a better value and as a result we have increased its score.

What is the Nest Cam IQ?

As security cameras have become smarter over the years, there is still a feeling that they are not using the full power available to them. It changes with the help of the Nest Cam IQ, and the smartest security that we have right now: It has 4K sensors, can automatically track people, and has built-in face recognition.

Since its launch, a new Nest Hour cloud subscription has been launched, effectively cutting monthly spend in half. And, Nest has now enabled Google Assistant on camera, effectively turning NestCam IQ into Google Home. These changes have made the best quality indoor security camera a little expensive to operate and a smart camera that is even better quality. And the company now has the same technology (Bar Google Assistant Support) at Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.

Nest Cam IQ – Design and build

Like other products from Nest, Cam IQ is beautifully designed and made. If you have seen the Nest Cam Outdoor, the IQ will be instantly recognizable, as it uses the same cone design. I have to say that this design looks as beautiful as the interior.

Internally, the requirements are somewhat different, so Nest has created a whole new stand that allows a 180-degree swivel and a 160-degree risk without the need for any support. Even, pointing directly to the bottom, the cam IQ appears to be completely stable and is less likely to sink. Ingeniously, you can adjust the camera by hand to deal with a thumbscrew or other annoyance.

A standard tripod screw is mounted on the stand, so you can wall-mount this camera if you want, though no mount is provided in the box. The home powers the Cam IQ with a USB-C cable. The connector is molded to fit flush to the stand with a neat finish.

Nest Cam IQ – Features

Working with a camera means using the Nest app, which also controls your other cameras and the Nest thermostat. I worked my camera within minutes, hooking the camera into my 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi effortlessly. Switching to the AC gives the camera a lot more bandwidth than Nest’s previous 2.4GHz-only 802.11n camera.

The big addition to this camera is the 4K image sensor or even though the footage is only recorded at 1080p, the extra resolution benefits some and allows for some smart new features. Best of all, NestCam can use its supersight technology to track intruders around the room by panning a 1080p frame around the IQ 4K sensor. With 4K giving you a resolution of 1080p four times, you get four times zoom built-in, though the Nestcam IQ with its digital zoom has a fixed lens

A six-core processor means a lot more can be done with the camera. Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam Indoor People can clarify that when you sign up for a Nest Hour subscription with Nest Cam IQ, person recognition is built-in. Subscribe to Nest Hour, and it will face recognition, let Cam IQ distinguish between friend or foe.

From the app, you control when the camera can record and when it can’t. This is especially important in an indoor camera, as you probably don’t want to record your house bugging and walking around. Nest schedules are supported, but geofencing has been created so that you can turn on the IQ at home as you move out.

It’s a little annoying that you can’t use both at the same time; Instead, you can turn on both, but the two options can conflict and give incredible results. I want both to play nice together, so that the camera always turns on the schedule (say recording at night), but the schedule can’t turn off your camera while you’re away; And, the camera should not be turned off when the homecoming schedule is on. This is a problem shared across all Nest cameras and I’m hoping for a future app

Nest Cam IQ – Performance and Nest Aware

Although NestCam can do more than its predecessors beyond IQ, you’ll still want a Nest Hour subscription if you want to keep recorded footage and get the most advanced features. Although Nest Hour was expensive, starting at £ 8 per month, a new, cheaper subscription has been launched. Now, the service starts at $ 4 a month (or $ 40 if you pay annually), and includes five days of video history.

If you want more video history, there are two plans: $ 8 per month for 10 days of video storage, or $ 24 a month for 30 days of video storage, though subscribe for 12-months and you’ll get it all for a price. If you have more than one camera, be prepared to pay more, as each additional camera costs £ 3 a month for a five-day history, $ 4 a month for a 10-day history or $ 12 a day for a 30-day history, the same annual discount is available.

The most obvious benefit with enabling Nest Hour is that the system can record up to 24 hours a day, keeping footage per bit; Something that does not provide competing cloud services. The Nest app is incredible, allowing you to easily scroll through the footage. Thumbnails show you areas of interest, such as movement detected. A calendar view lets you quickly jump to the previous day; Older versions of the Nest app have you scroll through all the footage manually and, of course, you’re a b

You can set an activity area for better control when motion detection is triggered. New in the Nest app (and not just IQ, available on all cameras) Automatic Door Detection: Once the camera thinks it has detected a door, it will draw an activity area around it. You can manually set your own region, although the application does not yet support this feature and you will need to use the website instead.

Facial recognition works with brilliance. Once the new face is recognized, you’ll get a pop-up in the app, so you can tell if you recognize them or not. If you do that, you can add a name for future reference. As Google’s face detection of Nest uses (the same technology in Google Photos), the detection rate is impressive. I was wearing glasses and not and from practically any angle, the Nest Cam IQ lifted me up properly.

You get different notifications depending on whether the camera has spotted a stranger. Names of strangers have been given, where warnings for strangers simply tell you that an unknown person was identified. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell the camera to warn you about unknown people.

Nest’s supersite technology is incredible, zooms in and tracks the spots it gives. Cleverly you get two 1080p streams: zoom-in version and panoramic shot of the whole room. Switching between the two views is easy, so you won’t lose anything by turning on the supersite.

The three microphones explicitly pick up audio by adding them to the recording. The app lets you talk to an intruder (or friend for that matter) with clearly transmitted audio from Nest Cam IQ’s integrated speakers. Using a microphone, the Nest Cam IQ can detect the difference between a dog barking and a talking man and can alert you to two with high accuracy.

To help control alerts, Nest has improved its notification granularity. For audio, you can choose the words you want to be careful of: the person talking, the dog jerking or all the other sounds. For speed, you can control alerts by zone, if you choose to be notified about people, all other speed, or both.

Nest Cam IQ  – Video Quality

Video quality is exceptional. Although 4K resolution is paired to Full HD, the downscaled high-resolution video looks better than a shot of 1080p. On top of that, Nest Cam IQ has HDR built-in, which brings out all the details of an image. None of the security cameras I tested match the picture quality of the Nest Cam IQ. With a 3-degree lens, the camera captures virtually the entire room, no matter where you place it. Zooming into an image, with the rival cameras, the extra detail like this

Nest uses a 940nm IR LED for its night vision mode. They are designed to give better coverage, when people’s eyes are less visible, so you won’t get the same red light from this camera as other cameras. I am happy to say that the IR LEDs work well, clearly illuminating my entire house.

You can’t set image resolution automatically with camera setting quality settings. However, starting from low (100GB per month) and high (400GB per month) there is a setting for choosing quality and bandwidth.

Nest Cam IQ – IFTTT, Alexa, Google Assistant and Works with Nest

There is an IFTTT channel for NestCam IQ. No actions, just triggers (motion or audio detection). Depending on who entered it, turn on the Philips Hue Lights in a different setting and say that the channel did not expand to add actions based on who was marked It is a shame. This is something rival NetTamo Welcome can do.

It’s great to see Alexa support with the skills you can broadcast on camera footage at the Echo Show or Echo Spot. Similar Google Home Action lets you send footage to a Chromecast. With both options you can’t do much, being able to watch live footage live can be very convenient at times.

Nest Cam IQ – Google Home

Most recently, Nest has pushed an update that allows you to launch Google Assistant for Nest Cam IQ. It basically turns your camera into Google Home, enabling you to respond to Cam IQ, “Hey Google” with weather updates, calendar appointments, and other smart home devices you can regularly expect from Google Home. However, some features are not yet supported: you cannot play music (though there is very little reason to do so) and you can make voice calls

The sound quality is a bit behind the Google Home Mini but thanks to the clear and sensitive microphone array of voice responses, I have never had a problem making my responses clear. Importantly, enabling Google Home on any such device helps extend Google Home control through your home without the need to purchase additional hardware.

Should I buy the Nest Cam IQ?

In terms of pure image quality, the Nest Cam IQ is the best security camera I’ve tested. It is also one of the easiest to configure and has the most flexible and easy-to-use stand. Face recognition is great to see here, especially given how fast and accurate it is, and Nest Hour offers an easy way to scroll through your security footage, about the best security cloud subscription service.

That said, it looks like the Nest Cam IQ is not as flexible as it sounds. I’d like to see more control when I turn the camera on and off, and there should be an option just to notify you when unfamiliar faces are seen.

The big disadvantage was the cost of a Nest Hour subscription, but the new five-day video history option effectively cut the price in half while providing more than enough storage. Drop with Google Assistant Assist and the Nest Cam IQ is the best indoor camera you can buy with the best image quality. If you don’t mind losing facial recognition, the old Nest Cam Indoor is still a great purchase. Alternatively, NetTamo is welcome face recognition and a smart IFTTT channel


A very clever camera with exceptional image quality and some smart features and the new subscription option make it even cheaper to run.