Neos SmartCam Indoor Security Camera Review.

Neos SmartCam Review

A Full HD camera that costs just £19.99


The Nios Smartcam with its full HD sensor and free cloud storage is a great budget camera, but limited recording means that it’s not ideal for everyone.


  • Exceptional price
  • Free cloud storage
  • SD card recording


  • Cloud storage very limited
  • Weak stand
  • Can’t view SD card footage through app

Key Specifications

  • 14-day video history (12-second clips_
  • 1080p sensor
  • 110-degree field of view

What is the Neos SmartCam?

Security cameras were getting smarter but they are more expensive. Nesso Smartcam Strikes Balance: There is a full HD camera that costs just $ 19.99. If that doesn’t sound cheap enough, I should also mention that you get free cloud storage.

It was found that the stand is not as secure and that cloud storage is greatly limited. Still, for these prices, minor flaws are easy to forgive, and the Neos Smartcam is a great choice where you want something cheap to monitor your own home.

Neos SmartCam – Design and build

The Nios Smartcam is a small almost-cube (45 x 50 x 50 mm) that makes it easy to put practically anywhere. Embedded in the cube is the stand, which gives you height and angle adjustment. The entire camera switches to the stand, so you can point it wherever you want it. With a magnetic base, the Nios Smartcam can quickly be stuck to any metal surface, though you can also use a metal mount to wall-mount the camera.

It sounds great and for the most part it is. However, the weight of the camera can overtake the whole thing, and the swivel operation is so light that the weight of the USB cable can pull the camera from where you were pointing. This is not something you can do with a careful placement of cameras and cables, mind, but not as good a position as it is in the Nest Cam IQ (though that model is a lot more expensive).

The Nios Smartcam is powered by a micro USB cable, which plugs into the back. There is a USB port of sorts, which can be used to power another device, although most people seem to not use this feature. The base also has a microSD card slot, which introduces permanent recording to the camera as a complement to the free cloud storage.

Neos Smartcam – Features

Once set up, connecting the camera to your home network and smartphone app is easy enough. Once connected, the app lets you dive into the live view to see what’s going on and start recording directly to your phone. By default, the camera is set to automatically detect movement throughout the frame. You can’t set a speed activity zone to monitor, but you can adjust the speed detection sensitivity.

The camera can also be heard aloud; Again, if you find out that Nios Smartcam is notifying you of what’s going on.

Once the camera detects the activity, it records a clip of 12 seconds in free cloud storage. Clips can be downloaded to your phone, though saved for 14 days. Once the camera is triggered, there is a five-minute delay before recording the other clip.

In my experience, the NiS SmartCam was always able to capture me and my face when it was set, but the limited recording options meant that you missed a very important detail. It is a shame that there is no way to upgrade the cloud storage to allow for more frequent and longer recording.

Motion and word recognition are sent as a warning to your connected smartphone so you know that clips are available to browse through apps that show a great thumbnail, so you can go straight to the point of interest. It’s a shame you can’t filter in a day, because diving back in day 14 is a lot of scrolling work.

If you want to extend the recording time, you can use a microSD card in the slot. It launches on a permanent recording, where the camera records a minute long file when the memory card is full, overwriting the old file.

It’s great in practice, but it’s annoying that you can’t see the footage in the app. Instead, you’ll need to drag the card and access a computer to view the footage. You certainly need some footage when the world is not over, and the thief has turned off your camera.

Finally, you can set the app to auto-arm the camera (prime for recording) using geofencing) After the last person leaves your home, the camera starts motion recording; When you get home, the camera stops motion detection, though live feeds and continuous recording still work. If you prefer, you can manually or manually disassemble your system.

Two-dimensional audio lets you talk to someone on a live feed via your phone. The Nios Smartcam is surprisingly loud, though its small speaker is quite small. Still, the camera is loud enough for people to hear, and you can use it to alert the thief. The audio recording is a little more distorted and not as clean as the other cameras I’ve reviewed.

Neos SmartCam – Performance

With its default settings, I found out that the Nios Smartcam was about speed detection. It is often in the room I am in. It does not, and every time I walk into the house, I pick up my face and face. Slowly, as you play the video, the system highlights the movement by drawing a box around it. You can turn off this feature if you want.

Sound recognition, as usual, is somewhat less accurate I found that in the default settings the camera would stop typing more regularly, even a little louder. Enhancing sensitivity lets things down, though you can always disable word recognition if you find the feature too boring.

Neos SmartCam – Video quality

With its 4-degree lens, the camera doesn’t capture as much of its room as its competitors, though you can still cover most of what you want. During the day, the quality of the video is not bad at all. The video is somewhat sharper than some models and has a bit less detail than the top cameras. However, you can still clearly identify the individuals, which is basically the core of the security camera.

At night, Nios Smartcam launches its IR LED to illuminate a dark house. It details everything like a camera. Even so, even though some subtle details are removed, it is easy enough to spot individuals.

The sound recording is somewhat weak in this model, the camera makes a lot of background noise making it difficult to execute whatever is going on.

Neos SmartCam – Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Nios Smartcam currently does not have support for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so you will not be able to watch the video stream on your video-enabled smart device such as the Amazon Echo Show. This is a little embarrassing, though it is something easy to forgive at this price

Why buy the Neos SmartCam?

In the list of the best security cameras you will find more featured and better quality cameras. What you won’t find is a model that is as cheap as a Neos smartcam and that is the real attraction of this model.

Its cloud storage can be heavily limited, and while the five-minute pulldown time is somewhat regulatory in some situations, it is still free. An app that is a little basic, but does the job, there is a lot to like about this camera. If you are cheap to use occasionally or just after that extra peace of mind, the Nios Smartcam is a great choice.

Trusted Score:                                       ∗∗∗∗∗