Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote-2020 Review.

Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote.

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The new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is cheaper, pretty much supports every streaming service and gives good performance. The bad side is that it’s a little Amazon centric

Pros: Better streaming formats than its price range support format Voice features are in-class and Echo and Dot owners can control this via Alexa. Its app and game selection is great, responses are playing fast and video quality is just as great as any streamer. The remote can control volume and power on TVs and sound bars.

Cons: The user interface very aggressively pushes Amazon content. Choosing 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision TV shows and movies is worse than Apple TV 4K or Roku.

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The Bottom Line: It hits Amazon content too hard to defeat Roku, but for Alexa fans or 4K HDR TV owners who insist on Dolby Vision, the Fire TV 4K Stick is a great value.

How much physical space do you need to be able to stream the best movies and movies imaginable from almost every content provider? It is 10 cm 3 cm by 1.5 cm.

It’s the size of the new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – and it gives you access to a reference library, top movies, numerous broadcasting companies, valuable planets of recorded music, and voice-activated jobs. All you need is a TV to plug it in.

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 Design and build

Given that this is a device that wants to plug in the back (or side) of your TV, Amazon didn’t feel the need to go to the city where it belonged to the design of the Fire TV Stick 4K. The way it is made and nothing else – and given the complete lack of illumination or illumination of the moving parts – should continue for years to come.

By the quality of the media streaming sticks, though, it’s down to the challenge. If you have an HDMI socket next to the TV you’re trying to smart, the Fire TV Stick may well be visible behind the 4K frame. And if they are behind you will need to use a bundled HDMI socket extender.

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But if there is not much to discuss where design or build is concerned, the list of features goes a bit further. First, Stick is the gateway to all currently available film and television services.

Amazon Prime Video is, naturally enough, and has Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, UKTV Play, Disney Life and literally thousands of other TV channels and video streaming services. And from the services it provides, the stick can handle up to 60Kps of 4K HDR content (all of its HLG, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDR10 guise), as well as Shop Top-of-the-Shop Dolby Atmos audio.

It has been added to Facebook, Reddit, YouTube (though only via Amazon’s Silk browser, though Amazon vs. Google is still a hurdle to end users of both services) and to the rest of the web. Your from Audio Spotify and Prime Music apps.

While the Fire TV Stick 4K can be controlled by Alexa, it can also join your extensive smart-home ecosystem. Hive, Rings, Samsung Smart Things, Hue and many more can join connected products – so your TV can easily display images from your Smart Baby Monitor, Smart Doorbell or whatever.

All of these drives are a powerful responsive quad-core processor. Stick 4K features dual-band Wi-Fi and a redesigned internal antenna to withstand the torrent of Ultra HD data.

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Along with the stick is a USB cable and HDMI input extender to launch it, the box has a slim little remote control (and thanks to the battery). There is a mic and a button to activate it on the top of the remote – and most of your conversation with the Fire TV Stick 4K will happen, silly ordering that Alexa breaks out to be driven.

In this implementation, Alexa is extremely responsive, able to determine the time it takes to say “Alexa, shows 4K HDR movies” to a large selection of 4K HDR movies. Naturally, Amazon offers are front and center – but they are instant, from all suppliers for you to choose from. And as long as you don’t slur your words and keep your instructions short, Alexa will be able to bid you every time: “Show Smart Camera”, “Show that

Of course, there are other physical buttons on the remote. In some ways, it has the ability to control many compatible TVs, soundbars and multi-channel receivers / volume, power, and mute, as they are able to replace some of your existing handsets.

The on-screen interface is reasonably clean, if a little busy, and easy enough for you to rearrange the appropriate applications and icons at the right time. Although Amazon offers usually not the first thing you look for, try not to overdo it. Did you think it would be any other way?

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Get your stick powered, get it online, and off you go. Start with the encouragement of film-making with the higher 4K HDR format (the exceptional arrival of Dennis Villeneuve, which sadly and anxiously Amazon Prime is leaving soon) and there is no dispute with the quality of the images and the sound of the stick 4K distribution.

The HDR color gamut is extremely wide, the images are crisp details and stable and the contrast is high, despite the complex motion. Stick TV performs better than the Panasonic 4K HDR LED TVs and Amazon Prime Video apps used in the Samsung 4K HDR Blu-ray Player – it’s a match for Panasonic’s application and where the color palette and variation is concerned, at least, Samsung’s player is better.

Ask Alexa to open YouTube and continue to impress the 4K content available there. This is especially true of Netflix’s best-quality offers, especially HDR content.

It takes a bit longer to stick to the top of the eyeplayer stream than some alternative implementations, keep in mind – Amazon detects high-definition and standard-DF images for a minute or two before getting caught up with Weekend’s Match of the Day. When it’s done, though, it’s as enjoyable and lively as it looks like iPlayer.

The streaming or catch-up services you claim to have shown Alexa are all true The quality of content in the first place is better – so Sky News, like My5, for example – has better image quality for Fire TV Stick 4K distribution.

Equally, give the Stick the tools to work and it is capable of deeply impressive sound quality. Dolby Atmus soundtrack to Okja on Netflix is ​​wide, long and very consistent, with enough detail available, and a decent impression of the presentation height. But even if you bump it with Da Du Ron on YouTube with some ancient footage of lip-sync crystals, the sound of stick streams is distinctive and believable.

All of which puts the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K in the driving seat. It has the specification and performance to look for its nominal rivals and is more affordable than almost everyone else. Google Chromecast Ultra, Roku streaming stick and wildly optimistic price Apple TV4 all feature and / or spend on Amazon. So it’s currently going to the media streaming stick.

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