Echo(2nd Gen)Smart Speaker Sandstone Fabric-2020 Review.

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Echo Dot is a second generation new smart sandstone fabric speaker with a high quality electronics sound system. At present, it is in great demand. Because its sound quality is much better than any other speaker in the market. The device is a small-scale buyer. Many designs are available. Who can carry easily? The devices can also be used in buildings, offices, cars. However, there are some limitations.

                          Pros                                                                                     Cons
Clear and loud audio.                                                  The always-listening object in your house.
Improved audio performance.                                 Depth in mid-tones is missing.
Smart home control.                                                    Can activate accidentally.
Stereo pairing.                                                                Alexa App needs improvement.
New Temperature sensor.                                          Music distorts at max volume.
Mute button electrically disconnects the mics.
Looks better.

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  What is the Amazon Echo (2019)?

After launching the first – and most successful – personal assistant smart speaker, a follow-up was always going to prove a tough job for Amazon. Still, a lower price, more beautiful look and smaller body are all a great start to the 2017 version of Amazon Echo.

Although the competition is stronger this time. Google Home is now available in the UK, and there is also competition from: small and low price Amazon Echo Dot (2nd gen), and screen-toting Amazon Echo Spot. Although the standard model is probably the best all-rounder.

Amazon has also expanded its range to include a smaller subwoofer Echo sub, which enhances the lower-end audio capabilities of its speakers and makes the Echo Range more competitive, like the Google Home Mac or Apple HomePod.

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Amazon Echo (2017) – Design and build

I would describe the original Amazon Echo as more functional than stylish – but even though I like it, Amazon has worked hard to make it look and feel new with the 2017 model, and it will be easier to find a place for this new model in your home.

For starters, it is now available in a wide range of finishes. For £ 90, there is a series of fabric-cover speakers in color options of charcoal, gray or sandstone. It’s a striking finish that gives the Echo a more high-end speaker look. Give $ 5 and you get the choice of finishing oak or walnut wood, as well as it comes in silver. The former is great to look at, and gives the new echo an attractive look; The silver finish doesn’t do it enough for me.

Amazon has also reduced its size in addition to offering eco-gifts on multiple finishes. At just 148mm tall, the new Ikoty is about two-thirds the height of the original. At 88mm in diameter, it’s 4mm wider than the original, though you’re hard-pressed to notice the sight alone. This reduced size makes the new echo a bit easier.

Price reduction sees the removal of the original Amazon Echo’s neat rolling volume dial. Instead, you get the physical volume up and down keys that do not seem to be enough as a premium. If you want the dial, you have to choose the more expensive Amazon Echo Plus.

On the back, there is a power input and a 3.5mm audio output, so you can put the echo on an external speaker. Alternatively, you can use built-in Bluetooth. Frankly, if you’re going to do this, you can save some cash as well and opt for Amazon Echo Dot instead.

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 Amazon Echo (2017) – Features and setup

Like all Amazon Echo devices, the configuration for the 2017 Echo is via the Alexa app. Once you’ve discovered and paired your new smart speaker, the Alexa app will walk you through connecting the Echo to your home network. It takes a few minutes.

If you have more than one echo device, it’s worth giving the new device a meaningful name. This will make it easier to use the new calling or drop-in features, where you can make voice calls within Echoes.

Alexa is cloud-based, so she’s just as smart – or as dumb – as this device on every echo. Generally, I find that Alexa is great at quality questions, such as giving you weather reports and updating you at an upcoming calendar appointment (she even speaks to G Suite accounts, which Google Home can’t do). However, Google Assistant is generally a bit smarter and better at understanding natural languages.

Alexa still has some rather big limitations. For example, you can only get traffic updates between two sets of locations (home and work); Google can give you traffic updates for any trip.

Still, Amazon’s strength lies in its efficiency library. This allows you to add features to Alexa by increasing its power. These include status updates for the Tube or BBC title, for example. Some skills require some pseudo-language to make them work (ask for ‘Alexa, XXX skill …’) – but in the end you can do whatever you want with Echo.

If I have a complaint, it’s that there’s no alternative to turning on a two-word wake sentence. As a result, Alexa can go randomly and when she thinks she heard the word awake. For example, just listen to a Lexus ad on TV. Google Home and Siri both have double-word phrases.

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 Amazon Echo (2017) – Smart home

The key to the success of the original Echo was its smart home integration, Alexa works with a lot of smart devices than any of the surrounding voice assistants. The new Echo doesn’t add anything to the mix, but it maintains the same number of capabilities as most other Alexa-based devices – and you get access to the new Alexa app.

As a result, you can now control some devices directly from the app. While it is very possible for multiple vendors to be able to control multiple devices using an app, Amazon is still not quite there to offer the full experience.

For example, I couldn’t set the temperature of my smart thermostat, but I could use its quick actions. Light bulb support is better: I can turn the hue light on or off and adjust the brightness and change its color. Still, this is a step in the right direction.

Routines are a neat new feature and allow you to perform multiple actions after you use the trigger trigger set. For example, at my house, saying ‘Alexa, bye’ turns off all my smart lights and sets my temperature to Add mode.

Overall smart device control has also been improved. As well as grouping devices together, you can now change their name in the Alexa app. This helps to avoid any possible naming conflict. The main screen listed on your device is rather basic, listing each device in alphabetical order, with no search or filtering options.

Still, when it comes to the breadth of support, Alexa is the smart home rule device and the system is getting better with every update.

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Amazon Echo (2017) – Sound Quality

Amazon has installed a 0.6-inch twitter and 2.5-inch wafer on this device, powered by Dolby. Just the same Echo Plus, the same sub sub but a larger 1.3 inch Twitter will show even stronger words.

In fact, the sound quality is similar to the original echo. So listening to audio at low to medium volumes is clear and detailed and good enough for a light to use in a kitchen. Lose the maximum volume with the definition of audio deficiency and you will hear distortion.

Of course if you are looking for the ultimate audio experience, this is not the product for you. You should probably note the Echo Dot, whether it’s paired with a high-quality speaker or the new Alexa-powered Sonos One.

This does not mean that your echo should be completely written down. I do not use mine for music (there is Sonos, of course voice control through Alexa) but not a much cleaner and louder response choice from this model, rather than a short-lived Echo Dot.

If you want more audio beyond the echo, there are two options. First, if you buy two, you can put them together in a stereo pair (see how to create an Amazon Echo stereo pair). This gives you proper stereo separation. If you want a bit more low-level oaf, the Amazon Echo Sub is a great addition to the mix. The best combination is the two new Eco Plus speakers and the sub, but the Echo comes second near the 2nd gen.

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 Why buy the Amazon Echo (2017)?

There are so many options from Amazon that making the right choice of echo is rather confusing. If you just want basic voice assistant support or separate stereo, the cheapest Amazon Echo Dot for you (2nd gen) is that most people will find that high quality Amazon Echo Plus (2nd gen) is more expensive, smart hub is not as efficient right now. And its sound quality does not jump before the echo of 2017. The most complete and useful experience is from the screen-toting Amazon Echo Show (2nd gen)

For those who want the convenience of a smart assistant for home control, plus clean and well-defined audio response, the 2017 Echo is the product. And, it’s exceptionally priced.

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It does not have the audio capability to accept the best Bluetooth speakers. But the clear audio, great look and significantly lower price than the original make this smart assistant a winner

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