Echo Dot (2nd Generation.)–Black 2020 Review.

Echo Dot (2nd Generation.)–Black.

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Echo Dot is a second generation new smart black speaker with a high quality electronics sound system. At present, it is in great demand. Because its sound quality is much better than any other speaker in the market. The device is a small-scale buyer. Many designs are available. Who can carry easily? The devices can also be used in buildings, offices, cars. However, there are some limitations.

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Amazon Echo Dot is a great product. Despite the shrinking in size and price, it retains almost everything that made the original echo so great.

                         Pros                                                                            Cons
Clear and loud audio.                                            Limited smart-home features.
Smart and helpful Alexa assistant.                  A little smaller.
Smart and helpful Alexa assistant.                  No longer USB-powered.
Smart new design.                                                  Not ideal for music.
Same competitive price.                                       Music distorts at max volume.
Low Cost.
Works with or without an additional speaker.

The Amazon Echo Dot got a refresh from Amazon in 2018, even with the outer part having a couture look and some extra fabric. However, the original Echo Dot is still a winner in our eyes, so here are our thoughts on the first version of the Dot which has already established itself in many smart homes.

When Amazon first introduced the Amazon Echo Path in 25, it seemed like a ground-breaking (and not to mention risky) move for smart home tech, and it quickly became one of the must-have gadgets for everyone.

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 Amazon Echo Dot at Amazon for $49.99

Thanks to that, it’s now a bit of a technology and it was a real pleasure to see their family members and friends who roll their nose at the latest bit of echo range – and Alexa – who are always welcomed into their home.

Not too long after that, Amazon Echo Dot came in to bring Alexa Smart to many more compact packages. The Pak-sized device takes the best bits of the Echo and concentrates it into something you can put anywhere.

Sure Amazon had to compromise, but just like Echo, Amazon also let Echo Dot tell you commands to Alexa and respond below the cloud. The key difference is that everything has been reduced: price, size and, unfortunately, audio quality.

Amazon has unveiled a brand new next-generation EcoDot in 2018, which sounds and looks even better. But how will its predecessor measure up against new arrivals and other Alexa-powered alternatives like the Amazon Echo Spot and the Amazon Echo Show?

While the smaller Echo Dot compromises sound quality with its smaller size and price tag, it is just as smart as its stable and arguably more impressive than many of its non-Alexa rivals.

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Amazon Echo Dot: Alexa and features

The range of Echo smart speakers was to take Amazon from its AI-powered voice assistant Alexa and convert it from a piece of software initially created through video catalogs to a more handsome general assistant that all modern-day people will see as Amazon claims a connected smart home.

Just a few years later and now Alexa has grown from an interesting curiosity to a very skilled voice assistant who lives in many homes around the world. It can help you with everything from talking about the weather and turning off your smart lights to playing music from Spotify and constantly adding new features.

Over the years, Amazon’s smart speakers have acquired hundreds of new skills, learned to talk to dozens of new smart home products and – thanks to the drop-in function – now chat with you by calling their smartphone or echo anywhere, anytime. Allows the appliance.

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The Amazon Echo Dot might be smaller than the rest of the line-up, but it does make the original Echo great and let the built-in speaker down.

What it gives you is a integrated speaker that is capable of being great, and the option to connect the dots instead of any external speakers you can: You can simply plug in the cable or use Bluetooth.

The advantage of having a more efficient built-in speaker is the many small pieces of hardware: you can hold Amazon Echo Dot anywhere.

Still do not believe? Check out our guide to the best smart speakers 2019: which one should you buy?

The dot’s small size factor makes a lot of sense, especially for those who aren’t sure how to fit the smart speaker (both literally and figuratively) into their current smart home setup.

In addition to the modest reduced price tag of Small 39.99 / £ 34.99 / AU $ 79, its small form makes Dot the right way to give Alexa a home without point or investment, and so it is one of our recommended products to friends and family members who are more high-quality. Not sure about jumping on the attached gadgets.

It still applies to the new version that Amazon must have released, but if you’ve got a baby and aren’t sure how they want to go with Alexa, check out the Amazon Echo Dot Kids version – it comes with something unique, a two-year loss replacement warranty, red. , Blue or Green Color Rubber Case and one year subscription to Freetime Unlimited Kid-Focused Services Child-friendly, including ipasana loyal.

Having said that, while launching the kids version, Alexa also got a kid-centric upgrade on all of its Eco devices. From Pac-Man to Lego to Biono, your kids will be able to enjoy all the echo speakers from story to puzzle, starting from the spoken puzzle games.

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Amazon Echo Dot: design and set up

Echo Dot is a great looking product. It’s about the same magnitude as the full-size Echo, but the dot lacks a volume ring which means it has two additional buttons on top of it to control the volume directly (plus mute and listen for buttons).

The same light ring is also found on the Echo, indicating that when Alexa is listening to you through its seven microphone arrays, or if the speaker is muted (useful if you are watching the movie and don’t want to be, Alexa seems to be interrupted when you hear the trigger sound.

The most striking difference from the Echo is the height of the dot. At just 32mm (1.26 inches) tall, the device is 20 cm (7.9 inches) shorter than its older sibling. It’s not as small as a dongle like Chromecast Audio, but it’s pretty much the same.

This size means it’s easy to pull your favorite joke or crane away, though naturally, you’ll want to make sure it’s still able to hear you.

We found that the Echo Dot worked well in the kitchen, where it was able to easily fit on top of a microwave, but was also good to place on a stereo side, as long as the hardware wasn’t too close to the speaker (which makes it difficult for the microphone to take commands correctly). .

A micro USB port to power the speaker around the back of the device, as well as a 3.5mm port to allow the Dot to connect to an external speaker. Unfortunately, Chromecast Audio has no choice but to provide digital output like a hybrid 3.5mm analog and optical port.

Anyone who has had to set up an internet-connected speaker before, should have no problem setting up Echo Dot. Once it’s plugged in, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network through the Alexa app.

In the second step of the set-up process, you choose whether you want to use a lightweight built-in speaker, or through an external speaker Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack (not included) – this can always be changed at a later time.

For example, if you set the speaker to output its sound with a 3.5mm line-out, you can switch to its internal speaker without simply unplugging its jack. If you want to disconnect it from a Bluetooth speaker, you can instruct Alexa to “disconnect” with your voice (more on this later).

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Amazon Echo Dot: performance

Dot maintains the exceptional ability of the echo to recognize your voice while giving you the option to improvise with an external speaker located near your biggest drawback – the quality of the sound.


Being able to use external speakers is a great option, and that means we regularly end up using dots like Chromecast to listen to tracks off Spotify, where it was surprisingly intuitive to play songs and artists.

To do this, you need to provide your Spotify login details and set Standard Amazon Prime Music as your default music service. When it’s over, you can simply “play Alexan, Royal Blood” and be almost instantly cleansed by the rock duo (for example).

However, the biggest problem with the use of a pair of external speakers is that these are not ‘always on’ devices, unlike the Echo Dot itself.

It leaves you feeling a bit hesitant. You either leave the echo dot attached to the speaker permanently leaving and the power consumed, or you rely on the dot’s internal speaker.

All we were able to do was awaken the two. We want to leave the dot unplugged most of the time to avoid wasting too much power and then plug it into an external speaker when we want to listen to some music or a podcast.

If you use Bluetooth to connect your dot to an external speaker, the process is even more discontinuous, as in this example you can instruct Alexa to simply “connect” and it will automatically connect the dot to the most recently connected Bluetooth device.

It would have been nice to have a similar option when using line-out or alternatively be able to choose one type of speaker output with a voice command. That would be great

“Alexa is capable of playing white stripes with external speakers,” rather than making noise with unplugging and re-plugging on cables.

We were fascinated by how well Alexa was able to raise our voices while playing loud music from a nearby speaker. Naturally no matter how much you push it (it’s not magic), it’s not something you have to think about when balancing during a simple, non-deaf, music session.

Beyond the music, the Echo Dot has the same amount of smart as the full size Echo. You can use it to set a timer while cooking, it will give you a minute news roundup while eating your cereal in the morning, or you can even order an Uber Alexa app if you have entered your own Uber login details.

Developers have already created more than 30,000 skills (voice-activated apps) for Alexa, and Amazon (and third-party apps) are constantly paving the way for Alexa to learn even more, with the opportunity to always improve – and become more and more useful. Became

And it’s not just skills that are constantly updated: At the beginning of the year, Amazon is adding music and live radio to its ‘routines’. Launched in 2017, routines are one way for your smart assistant to perform multiple tasks with a single command – say “Alexa, I’m home” for example and you can read your lights, heating and TV together. Now, however, you can add whale sounds to that routine from Spotify, especially for stressful days.

Most recently, Amazon rolled out a new feature that enables skill developers to tell Amazon the kind of questions their tools can answer. This means that if a user makes a vague request, the new feature can look for potential to respond appropriately to all the capabilities of its database – making you think less and worry more about Alexa.

We’ve recently seen several new voices for Alexa, as well as a new brief mode that makes it less likely for Alexa to respond to your voice (allowing the voice assistant to constantly interrupt the conversation).

By contrast, Alexa Brennan’s head, Ruhi Sarikaya, is seeking to create more “friction-less” interactions with a personal assistant. In the future, this means Alexa will be able to continue the conversation more naturally – e.g. you can ask about today’s weather, tomorrow’s weather, and next week’s weather, without interrupting the conversation to say “Alexa” in each question.

While some of these new smart updates haven’t been revealed to Alexa, the promise of these upgrades and improvements means that this tiny dot is truly worth the investment … and we suspect its success will be even greater.

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We liked

Echo Dot packs a lot in a small package. It’s got the same great voice-recognition chops as the full-size Echo, but it delivers with most speakers that some people would agree wasn’t great for listening to serious music at first.

Using a decent external speaker with a dot is a game-changer and it is great to get songs early or even just play the radio. It was so quick and easy that we found ourselves listening to music at a time we wouldn’t normally try, like when we were walking through the kitchen in the morning.

Lastly, its size means you can leave it in the corner of a room, where you’ll soon be able to use it for everything from checking the time and weather, to setting a timer and alarm.

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We disliked

Using an external speaker is a great feature, but we hope it was handled a bit better. It would be great to get a voice command to switch between the dot’s internal speaker and an external one

There are already plenty of skills for Alexa but there are also potential undesirable possibilities. This is something that is a bit out of Amazon’s hands, in some ways it’s good that there are lots of possibilities.

Digital audio output will also be a great addition to audio files.

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Final verdict

Amazon Echo Dot is a great small product that maintains almost everything that makes the original echo so great, as well as reduces the price substantially.

Being able to use an external speaker means the point is really a great way to listen to music around the house, but its internal speaker is also capable of handling surprisingly simple requests.

If you’re curious about the Amazon Echo experience, Dot is a great way to try it out at a very cheap price, and in some ways its audio output options mean it’s actually a higher device.

We still haven’t quite lived through the Jarvis era of Tony Stark, but if developers continue to rally behind Alexa by developing more intelligent skills, the future may just be around the corner.

Every week it seems like there’s a new update for Alexa’s voice recognition and expertise, or there’s at least one news on its way, and this idea of ​​constant innovation really sets Amazon and its Alexa voice assistant apart.

Of course, the city now has a new generation of Amazon Echo Dot, which in our initial review we found to have a better look and audio quality. But that does not mean that the original dot is still not a great starting point for smart home fans – especially now that it could be a price drop as it has been upgraded.

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