D-Link Wire-Free Camera Kit Outdoor security camera review


MIDLink Pro Wire – Free Camera Kit is a by-product wireless Wi-Fi camera kit that is a bit easier on its own good.


  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Good recording quality


  • Lacks advanced features
  • Very slow connection times


MIDLink Pro Wire – Free Camera The DCS-4L০০ LH is a relatively affordable home security camera that features local storage, free cloud recording, motion and sound alert and integration with other connected devices.

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: ££441.99
  • Security indoor Camera Hub + 2 Wire-Free Wi-Fi Battery Cameras
  • Full HD 1080p sensor, 4x digital zoom
  • Premium 1-year mydlink Cloud Recording plan included
  • Night vision, PIR motion detection, 2-way audio
  • Works with mydlink devices, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
  • IP65 weatherproof camera body
  • MicroSD, external hard drive, or phone/tablet storage support

What is the mydlink Pro Wire‑Free Camera Kit?

Interestingly the Midlink Pro Wire-Free Camera Kit is the first cable-free home security kit by networking specialist D-Link. It targets the same space as its starring Arlo Pro and Logitech Circle, giving people a quick, easy, simply-free way to monitor their home.

Featuring a base station with two Weatherproof cameras and a 200 dB loud siren, at least on paper, the starter kit provides an ideal way to protect a small flat, part of a home or garden. A generous one-year cloud storage makes it even more enticing.

In most cases, the MyDlink Pro Wire-Free Camera Kit will meet the needs of casual users. But if there are slight problems with its connectivity and features, Arrow Pro will be off Detroning as our preferred wireless recording solution.

mydlink Pro Wire‑Free Camera Kit – Design and setup

Out of the box, the Midelink Kit comes with two cameras, two flat magnetic mounts, a single wall-screw mount, charger and base station – plus everything you need to put a camera screw on your wall. Keep in mind that freeing up some kind of flat surface camera and hub is easy enough, if you don’t want to peel into your walls.

As an added bonus, one or two cameras can be setup on the outside, as D-Link has built the main cameras to meet IP65 Weatherproofing standards. The only disadvantage is if you do, you will need to occasionally de-mount the units to charge using the included micro-USB charger.

Given my experience of using the kit for over a month, you don’t have to do it very often if you only use them for basic monitoring. After a full charge, both usually last fifteen days before needing a peak – if you go for regular extended breaks, keep that in mind.

Most of the kit sports a pretty standard look, a white, rounded edged construction designed to look as sleek as possible. Camera units are not the least, at 85 x 66 x 85 mm in size.

The setup process is as easy as you can get. Just plug the central hub / siren into the mains and your router, install the MidLink app, and run it with a series of on-screen commands. The whole process took me about five minutes.

mydlink Pro Wire‑Free Camera Kit – Features

Once set up, the UI of the D-Link application is easy to navigate, almost to an error. The homescreen contains links to all the online devices connected to the hub, and the view interface is just a click away for recording directly from the 1080p camera.

Elsewhere, the app is split into “one tap” events and settings submenus. Out of the box, one-tap modes are pretty self-descriptive: A home setting puts the cameras in privacy mode and stops recording them, and the AO mode enables motion and sound recognition. Clicking on the camera feed has the intuitive option of taking pictures, starting recording or talking through the camera.

If all you want is a basic security camera or way of talking to your pet during the workday, the feature set is more than good enough. Try to do more than that and things will get harder; You will notice that mydlink Pro is missing some key features from its W Free Camera Kit.

For starters, it does not have any facial recognition or geofencing built in. Automation is limited to privacy (off) and motion / sound recording. I can forgive the lack of facial recognition, which lets you set the device to ignore certain people, but geofencing is a bit of a pain. Geofencing is a great feature that enables you to tie the kit to your phone’s GPS and to turn on the speed recording when you’re away and disable it when you return.

And one of the key issues is that the apps automation process is so empty, it doesn’t allow you to do anything specific, such as simply directing attention to a specific part of the viewing area. This is not too much of a problem if you are using the kit at home. However it is boring outside. When I set up outside my front door, the inability to point the device to ignore the public sidewalk meant I got spam all day long, eventually letting me get the device in quickly.

mydlink Pro Wire‑Free Camera Kit – Performance and mydlink

Performance is great, except for one key issue: the kit only supports 2.4 GHz: 802.11n wireless standard. For the tech-savvy, this does not support the fast Wi-Fi signal you receive on modern routers.

Being attached to a camera can result in a slow and laborious task. Whenever I try to respond with any caution or verify one of the cameras, I will be greeted regularly by an error message – or by spinning a three-plus minute wheel before the feed is loaded.

This is a shame, since the performance is otherwise pretty solid. The two-way mic works pretty well, which is a bonus if you plan on using a camera to talk to your door guy as a kid monitor.

The only disadvantage is that you cannot set the camera to focus or ignore certain types of words. This is the main selling point for more advanced Wi-Fi cameras, such as the Nest Cam IQ, that can intelligently detect the difference between a dog’s pruning, speaking and breaking a window and respond accordingly.

The only feature that can be manually adjusted on the Midlink Pro wire-free cameras is their overall sound and motion sensitivity. At its highest position, the cameras’ PIR motion sensor will present a warning and start recording when a pin drops. After prolonged testing I found that the box-of-box settings were found to be a happy medium, where the camera made significant changes to loud noise, light and movement, but ignored the cloud’s move or rainfall.

When it comes to storage, the D-Link is fairly generous. Each kit comes with a 12-month D-Link Premium Cloud Recording Plan subscription, which allows you to store an unlimited amount of warning videos for up to 14 days. The normal cost of the plan is every year. 49.99.

The app makes it quick and easy to store footage locally on your phone, tablet or computer. Both cameras have SD card slots, so you can create another backup locally if you wish.

mydlink Pro Wire‑Free Camera Kit – Video quality

Video quality is strong. The footage captured at 1080p looks sharp and is good enough to detect individual faces. The 4x zoom makes it easy to focus on specific locations from a remote location – so much so that when I received a random alert, I was finally able to detect a mouse as a criminal on a remote background.

The quality drops when the cameras enter Night Vision mode, but this is far from the worst I’ve seen. Captured footage remains sharp enough to create people’s faces and moving objects a few meters away – it’s a blessing if you’re using the kit for security purposes.

The only small caliber to me is that the colors in the captured footage are very cool and the angles are not as wide as viewing angles with a degree device, which is a reliable outdoor Wi-Fi camera choice.

mydlink Pro Wire‑Free Camera Kit – IFTTT, Google Assistant and Alexa

The kit works with IFTTT, though cautioned that the number of available applets is limited. For the most part, they give the same functionality that you would find in the original Midelink application. So for anything more advanced, you need to invest some time in tinkering.

The kit, like the Nest Cam IQ, also offers Google Assistant and Alexa support. It allows you to broadcast camera footage from a kit such as the Echo Show or EchoSpot or a Chromecast plug-in to a TV / monitor Personally, I don’t find myself often utilizing the functionality, but I see some people finding it useful, especially. If they want to see the captured footage on the big screen.

Why buy the mydlink Pro Wire‑Free Camera Kit?

If you’re just after the Wi-Fi camera system for basic home monitoring, you can do much worse than the mdlink pro wire free camera kit. The pack comes with all the technology you need to monitor a small flat, or the front and rear of a house entrance / garden.

But its connectivity speeds and flawed flaws with an oversimplified control system feel a bit underwhelming for more serious users – and a move behind competing products like the Arlo Pro and Nest Cam IQ ranges that are admittedly more expensive.

Trusted Score:                                                         ∗∗∗∗∗


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