Arlo Pro Security Camera Review.

Arlo Security Camera Review 2020

Arlo Pro is a great wireless security camera with great video, free cloud storage, powerful motion detection and programmable scheduling.


Arlo Pro is a great wireless security camera with great video, free cloud storage, powerful speed and sound recognition and programmable scheduling.


  • Simple, quick installation
  • Clean, intelligent interface with rich set of features
  • Excellent video capture
  • Very good audio quality
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Geofencing tied to your phone’s location
  • Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT integration
  • Very generous cloud-subscription plans


  • Can access from only one device at a time per account
  • No continuous-recording option
  • Limited sharing

If you are looking to secure your home with a top indoor / outdoor security webcam that is weatherproof, waterproof and completely wireless, then Arlo Pro is second to none.

None of our security cameras tested have advanced video capture. Arlo Pro’s desktop and mobile applications are powerful, versatile and easy to navigate and provide a great depth of useful features. These include great options for speed / audio detection alerts and flexible programmable scheduling.

Netgear Arlo Pro at Amazon for US$137.99

Update (September 2019): We still recommend Arrow Pro as the best home security camera due to its price and features, but Arlo has several new security cameras with extra features and higher resolution. Here’s how it compares to the Arlo Pro 2 and the Arlo Ultra.

Arlo Pro Price and Options

The Arlo Pro is available in a variety of packages, from a single add-on camera ($ 189) to a single camera / one base unit (9249) to a four-camera system with a base unit ($ 649). Arlo also has a generous cloud-subscription plan; Most basic give you 7 days of motion- or sound-activated footage for free.

Arlo Pro Design

The 5.1 x 2.5 x 1.5-inch Arlo Pro is a striking ovary-shaped device with a black lens and a beveled smooth, curved white body, strongly resembling Orlo’s predecessor.

While the Arlo Pro has no legs or foundation, the compact camera presents a low profile, making it relatively easy to hide from the casual observer. To help make it even less noticeable, you can cover the white camera with option silvery ($ 25) black silicone skin, which also protects against sunlight.

Included with the camera is a circular magnetic mount that screws into the wall. There are several other mounting options available from Arlo and third-party vendors. The Arlo Pro is both weatherproof and waterproof (for an IP65 rating) and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The eight night-vision infrared LED lights are fitted with a changing rectangular semicircle on and around the lens. On the face of the camera, an indicator LED changes color and blinks to provide information on battery charge, syncing, and firmware updates.

Unlike previous wireless Arlo cameras, which used disposable batteries, the Wireless Arlo Pro is powered by a 2440-mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for four months on a charge While the rated recharging dock is separate, the camera has a 5-inch power cord present on the back on a mini-USB port. And a relatively small USB / AC converter combined with bricks That is. You can play a permanently plugged-in camera if you want; Otherwise, pick up the camera and carry it around the house

Arlo Pro Accessories

Available accessories include extra batteries for $ 49.99 and a solar panel for rechargers and outdoor power. (Each solar panel will run one camera)

The included white base station provides a stable low-power Wi-Fi connection (2.4GHz 802.11n) to your network, there is no limit to the number of cameras that can support a single base station. A light curved, trapezoidal device, it measures about 7 x 5 x 1.25 inches. The 70-inch power cord is plugged into the back and ends on a 3 x 2 x 1.25-inch AC block.

The base station is tight-wired to your network with a 6-foot LAN cord. There are also three USB ports at the back of the base station, among which you can plug in an external storage drive, among other things, to store recordings of your event locally.

The base unit also has a Klaxon-level siren (over 100 decibels), which can be controlled remotely or triggered by motion or audio alerts. A button at the top of the unit closes the siren and keeps it from tearing your ear until you turn it on again.

Arlo Pro Video and Audio Quality

Arlo Pro’s 4-degree wide-angle lens and 1/4 “8-megapixel AP CMOS sensor captures top-notch 720p video good In good light, the video looks crisp with very good, realistic colors, great contrast and great detail.

The eight infrared LED lights illuminate even in a nearly unobtrusive view, so night vision captures high-quality video with beautiful contrast and detail. Motion tracking does not produce any pixelation. However, night vision captures show vignetting, with no light reaching the sides or corners of the frame.

Both the speaker and the microphone have been blocked from the bottom of the camera. However, the audio contained in the warning videos seems clean and distinct with good volume. The two-way intercom audio video is smaller than the sound, but the quality is good enough.

The camera microphone transmits very good volume and precision from all locations of the room to your remote computer or mobile app. The speaker has ample volume and projects have clear audible language so any person (or pet) in the room with a camera will be able to understand what you are saying; However it is not loud and displays a vibration overtone.

Arlo Pro Motion and Sound Detection

Arlo Pro’s intelligent speed and sound recognition are event oriented rather than continuous. (This is the difference between Arlo’s optionally battery-powered camera and a permanently wired-powered Arlo Q, with continuous recording available)

Initially, Arlo has four modes: Armed, Unarmed, Schedule, and Geofencing. You can add custom mode as you wish, but you can only have one active mode per camera.

Initially, Arlo has four modes: Armed, Unarmed, Schedule, and Geofencing. You can add custom mode as you wish, but you can only have one active mode per camera.

Then, if you want to send email alerts to your mobile device and / or email address (the email address you choose), push includes emailing people who are able to respond to the alert.

Custom mode adds a very nice feature. You can trigger a camera’s motion or recording by another camera on the sound recognition system (such as a driveway camera alert that can record the front-door camera).

The Arlo Pro also has an effective motion detection test. You can adjust the motion-sensing slider while it’s active, then walk in front of the camera. If the camera indicator senses the speed, the oranges turn orange. You can also determine how low the sensitivity can be set (to avoid false warnings) even when true motion detection is effective.

The mode we see is more flexible. You can create several separate time periods for each day that you want to enable motion detection and repeat them on specific days. This means you can easily activate motion detection all day from one evening to the next morning. Many security cameras don’t make it easy for two calendar days.

Geofencing is available in the mobile app only for very logical reasons – it looks for the location of your mobile device. When you leave your phone in your pocket, geofencing automatically turns on motion and / or voice recognition for user-selected cameras and turns it off when you return.

Arlo Pro Cloud Storage Fees

Arlo Pro doesn’t have a memory-card slot for local storage, but an external hard drive can be connected to the base station via USB. However, this is for archiving the old clip. You need to use a cloud-saving plan (which starts out free) to take advantage of alerts and the availability of videos.

The Basic Plan offers free rolling 7-day strolls for up to 5GB of speed- or five cameras for sound-activated recording. The Premier plan offers up to 30GB for 10 cameras for $ 9.99 / month. Or $ 99 / year. Or you can buy Elite’s 60-day storage for up to 99 14.99 / month for 15 cameras, or 100 GB for 9149 / year.

Both Premier and Elite plans have unlimited support, but Basic plans have limited support for three months.

Video Playback Features

The Cloud Recording Library has a simple, direct interface that is very easy to navigate

You scroll through the linear calendar at the top of the screen to select a date. Below the calendar are thumbnails of all event videos captured for that date, each with a date, video length, and alert type: speed or sound with

You can filter the library view according to the user-selected criteria for only the following videos: camera, motion detection, audio detection, manual recording, IFTTT recording, preferred and / or non-preferred. Once the filter is defined you can save it for future use.

The three-dot icon next to the thumbnail caption opens a menu of commands that can be applied to the video: to mark it as a favorite, download it, share the file or delete it. When you click on the thumbnail to show playback of that video, similar commands are available as icons on the web portal, when you click, you have the option to email a link or copy the link. Additional sharing options on the mobile app directly on Facebook or YouTube.

In mobile applications, playback has the same auto-rotation problem as live view, requiring manual intervention instead of auto-rotation.

Mobile Apps

The Arlo app (iOS, Android, Apple TV and Amazon Fire) is meant with icons and controls, but the tabbed interface is relatively clean and easy to master. The downloadable user manual provides a clear and comprehensive guideline.

The Home screen (accessed via the Devices tab) displays a screen grab from all attached cameras, each with a time stamp of how long it was captured. A bright green bar to turn the siren of the base station on or off near the top of the screen. The icons on each camera have sound and / or motion detection enabled, Wi-Fi signal strength, battery charge level (or the camera is plugged in and recharged) and any USB storage device connected

Click on a camera screen image to open the live view. Auto-rotation may not work as you expect. On Android, you click on the full-screen icon (below the live feed) to fill the horizontal view. On iOS, you click on the full screen icon, then physically turn on the device to fill the horizontal view.

Other icons at the bottom of the live feed provide manual video recording, snapshot taking, brightness adjustment, to-talk intercom and speaker (on / off) controls. Pinch to zoom and pan works well in live view and playback, allowing you to zero in on the details in the frame.

The Arlo application is a single-user interface. When you login to an account from a mobile device, a computer or an Apple TV, you are automatically logged out of the Arlo interface on another device. If you want to share access with family members or friends, they will need their own Arlo accounts.

Web Portal

Arlo says its web portal supports all browsers. We tested it in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, and it worked well in all four cases.

The web portal is very similar to the functionality, style, icon and easy-to-use mobile app. The home page (Devices tab) displays the siren on / off switch and all screens as recent tiles from attached screens.

Click the play button on any of these screen images to play a live feed from that camera without a window on a new page web There is an icon on the web portal that is not in the mobile app – a magnifying glass that will open a slider to zoom the details, which will pan around the frame. Turns on power.

Smart Home Integration

Unlike Nest, Arlo does not have its own brand thermostat or smoke alarm to automatically connect to its security camera. But through its base station, Arlo Pro can connect to a Samsung Smartthings Hub, be controlled by the Smartthings app, and work with other vendors’ Smartthings-compatible devices.

If the Honeywell or Ecobee thermostat registers an abnormal temperature, if Samsung’s water sensor detects a spill, or if the Yale, Quickset or Schlage smart lock is open, you can set Arrow Pro to start recording. You may need to use the NetGarApp application for some lack of smartthings applications such as speed-sensitivity adjustments, schedule changes and geofencing.

Arlo also works with the IFTTT (if it does) application, which means the pro can launch IFTTT-compatible smart bulbs if it detects speed. You should be able to create your recipe for Arrow Pro Voice-Control using IFTTT-compatible devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, though we haven’t found any of these recipes online. (Netgear tells us that Arlo still doesn’t work directly with voice assistants)) And while Arlo is still an Apple TV app

Installation and Setup

The Arlo Pro installation is easier than most competing cameras. After you have rechargeable battery in the camera, you download the app to your mobile device. (You can use the provided QR code or go directly to the App Store)) Then, connect the LAN cord of the base station to your network router. Finally, you place the camera within 3 feet of the base and simply press the sync button at the base station. Immediately our camera was found.

The app found it when we moved the camera away from the base station to our test site on the other side of the building. We did not experience any missed connection for weeks after the test. In the software’s settings, a useful camera position view reduces signal delay in a direct view display, to help the camera physically position it.

Bottom Line

Even when you’re older, the Arlo Pro is still one of the best home security cameras around. Arlo Pro produces great video and very high quality audio and has a very efficient, convenient, intelligent and easy-to-understand user interface.

It’s easy to choose between Arlo Pro and Arlo Qi. If you want a wired camera that can continuously capture 24/7 video, select Arrow key. If you only need a wireless camera that captures an alert video, then go with Arlo Pro. If you need to have an outside camera, select Arlo Pro. Both cameras as well as the original Arlo and the upcoming Arlo Baby Baby monitors can be used together on the same system and controlled by the same software.