Amazon Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa Black-2020 Review.

Amazon Echo Spot Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa Black.

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Amazon’s Echo Show is the first Alexa-enabled device to feature a display. Using it, you could watch movies, video clips, or even a feed from your security camera. But at $ 229, the show is a bit pricey when you’re buying Amazon for cat food and baby diapers. Enter EchoSpot.

This $ 129 dildo not only looks different than all other Alexa devices but surrounds the display for a lot more than the Echo Expense. The notification screen limits the functionality of the Echo Spot, but overall it is a capable and compact companion for keeping you on your nightstand or desk.

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Have you ever wanted a magic 8-ball to say more than your magic? To make it the latest Alexa device, it looks like Amazon has two sides of that fortune-telling center flat and added a screen.

Although it seems a real departure from the design of other eco devices and the spot is a bit friendly, I wish it were given more color than just white and black.

The spot is 4.1 inches in diameter and 3.8 inches tall; It took up far less space than the Echo Show on my nightstand. Its 2.5-inch, 480 x 480-pixel display is surrounded by a rather large bezel. I expect future iterations of the spot to shrink this bezel so the screen fills the entire face.

There is a small camera at the very top of the bezel. At the top of the spot is a button that turns the microphone and camera on and off and is flanked by two volume buttons. It has a pinhole for four microphones on the back of the spot, and on the bottom, you’ll find a power port and a 3.5mm audio jack, if the spot’s quarter-inch speaker is at risk for you.

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The setup process for the EchoSpot is a bit different than other EchoSpot. With other Echo speakers you usually plug in the device, wait for it to power up, and then open the Alexa app on your smartphone. The app then discovers Echo and connects it to your account and your Wi-Fi network. With Spot, you need to manually type your Amazon username, password and Wi-Fi password into the spot

By itself. This will be displayed in your Alexa application. This is probably because I have so many Echoes set up that I like the previous method, but the on-screen keyboard on the spot is super tiny.

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Small, Circular Screen

By default, the Echo Spot shows an analog-style clock face, which displays headings, upcoming events, news alerts, and more. From the spot’s on-screen interface, you can choose between six analog faces and six digital faces, or one of four faces on which you add your favorite background photos.

I hope Amazon soon allows third parties to create Clockface for the spot. This really will go a long way toward making personal devices.

As a show, you can use the spot to watch movies, trailers, videos and more (like Twitch feeds), but it feels illegal to watch rectangular videos on a small, circular display on the spot. You can either watch a video with two large black bars at the top and bottom or expand it so that the video fills the entire display; You have to choose if you want to watch a really short video or one where most of the activity is truncated.

A feature that debuts on the show, as the music plays to the tune. It’s really easy, especially when you’re listening to Pearl Jam.

You can use the spot to view a feed from your own security cameras, such as Amazon’s own CloudCam or Netgear Arlo Pro. Unlike other video feeds, you can’t zoom in or out, so it’s easy to see small details.

Either way, I found it a less-than-satisfying experience; The screen on the spot is most commonly used for short updates, weather and time.

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Audio Performance

The 0.25-inch, downward-facing speaker is pretty good for its size, and much better than the Echo Dot speaker. It’s a moon shot up and the dance out pretty well. Although the bus was not as jarring as the regular-sized Echo, it was certainly present and the voices were clear and relatively crisp. At maximum volume, I noticed some distortion, but this is not a speaker intended for room-filled audio.

Audio-wise, the spot is great for playing music or adding some background tunes to wake you up while you’re in bed or onion in the kitchen. However, if you are looking for a speaker that can be used to entertain guests at a party, I recommend the full size Echo or Sonos One.

The speaker on the spot is pretty good for its size and a lot better than the Echo Dot.

Of course, you can always connect the spot’s 3.5mm jack or another speaker via Bluetooth.

Although the spot has four microphones, compared to the Dot and seven of the other Echoes, I can see that the spot lifts my voice very easily from the room, just like all those devices.

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What the Echo Spot Can Do (and Control)

Alexa-enabled EchoSpot is capable of performing a number of functions initiated by your voice command. For example, it can tell you the weather of the week, order pizza, control smart home devices (like smart lights and plugs), play music, and more. For example, I might say, “Alexa, turn on the lights in my living room” and the Litrons, which are connected to the Lutron smart plugs connected to my Alexa account, will turn on.

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As for the Echo Show, the spot has a small camera that you can use to video chat with other Alexa users. The quality was pretty good; I could make a hair strand, and the colors were right. But, perhaps, luckily, the camera resolution is low enough to keep your champs hidden from the people you chat with.

The camera on the spot has a fairly narrow area to view, and reading it in a slightly angled ward upside down means that it is best to chat when the spot is sitting at your desk or on the kitchen counter.

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Bottom Line

The $ 129 Echo Spot will appeal to those looking for a smart Alexa-enabled watch for their nightstand or office. Its small, circular screen is useful for providing important, informational content. But I doubt most people will use it as a watch.

At $ 149, the iHome IAVS 16 Alexa-enabled alarm clock provides better sound, a physical snooze button and a button to control smart home devices. But it cannot play videos and does not have some Alexa features, such as the ability to connect with other Alexa speakers to fill your entire home sound.

The spot is fairly cheap, but as of this writing, the Echo Show – which has better and better speakers on screen – had its regular price down to just $ 149, down from $ 229. At a lower price, the show is much better. But when the show returns to its normal price, the spot will be a better budget option.

                         Pros                                                                                           Cons
Clear and loud audio.                                                        Limited smart-home features.
3.5mm and Bluetooth audio outputs.                         A little smaller.
Same price as the old model.                                         No longer USB-powered.
Improved design.                                                               Not ideal for music.
It’s Amazing for Use.

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The sphere-like Echo Spot is more compact than the Echo Show and provides good audio quality for its size, but the circular screen is small.

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