Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen. ) -Charcoal 2020 Review.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd gen. ) -Charcoal.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen. 

Echo Dot has long been Amazon’s most effective attack on a smart home. At $ 50 a small, filter-sized smart speaker – often available for sale or bundled with another smart home gadget – Dot is Alexa’s easiest, most affordable original gateway.

The problem is that it was really more about the brain than the words. And when Google Home Mini arrived, a year after the first Echo Dot, Amazon’s tiny speakers suddenly looked bad (and sounded). In fact, the timing wasn’t all that good for the point, but Amazon is refreshing its smallest smart speaker as a worthy 2018. And it still costs $ 49.99.

Amazon should probably have done it too soon, but hey, it’s here now and we’ve been with it for a week. Here’s how we’re living together

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Amazon Echo Dot: Design

Keep the old and new Echo Dot side by side and you are almost surprised that we are very kind to Amazon when we review the last model. Remember that fabric has started selling on Amazon so you can make your dot look even cheaper and plastic look more expensive? The new dot apparently took some inspiration from it. It now comes with a fabric wrap, making it look like the Aloe Stacked Eco Plus. If this sounds like criticism, then it is not; It looks great to see the new Echo Dot.

It also paved the way for a slightly larger, new speaker that is now half an inch larger. But the dot is still small in size: 3.9 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches in height. The speaker’s grille has gone from the top of the speaker, which is now curved to the rest of the dot, although the four buttons above are the same: the action button, the microphone mute, and the volume control.

There is a power jack on the back and a 3.5mm axle jack that allows you to connect the Echo Dot to other support-supporting speakers. We should talk more about the charger too. Where the last one used the micro USB, Amazon has almost opted for a proprietary cable. After packing it in the Amazon box, owning it shouldn’t be a problem, but the power brick is now much bigger, with more room on the wall or wherever you are putting it. So clean up some houses – and try

The Art of Invisible Speaker-Entertainment
But just aside, the Echo Dot is a significant improvement over the first appearance.

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Amazon Echo Dot: Sound

As mentioned, the increase in size has allowed Amazon to make beef inside the speakers, and the difference is huge. Do you know the trick where you stick your head into your cup to tell the music more loudly? Quite what the old dot sounds like. Turns out, it became more and more distorted, like blasting music through soup cans.

Which varies with the 2018 dot. It is clean, creeper and maintains its quality after pumping volume. It is now firing up to 5 degrees from the side, while the older one has the noise on the ugly grill top.

However, the dot still falls down. I have Joy Disorder and the fertilizer reproduction is noticeably lower. You can twist Is, Q, Mid, and Quarterly by asking or using Alexa in the app, but it doesn’t seem to do much to solve the problem.

Good thing Amazon is selling the new Echo Sub now, right? The new tower upgrades the sound of eco speakers – especially giving them a deep giving base – for an additional $ 130 / £ 120. We haven’t tried it yet with Echo Dot, but it’s safe to say the word will come out.

You can connect two Echo Dot speakers together for a stereo pair. It gives you proper stereo separation and makes the music better, but obviously still doesn’t compensate for the low end.

So which way do you have to go? If you’re after a smart speaker for great sounding music, the Echo Dot is still not in competition. Yes it does seem to be miles better than the latest model, and to our ears a bit better than the Google Home Mini, but at only $ 25 off the price of Dot and Sub, you can get a Sonos One, including Alexa built-in (and later this year). Get Google Assistant).

And the Echo Dot has Bluetooth as well, so there are two ways to connect the Dot to a better sounding speaker (this one can remember the Aux too). Here is where you have been presented to choose another one. Amazon has put a bit of a spanner in the works with its new Echo Input, a tiny bit that can connect to a speaker via AUX or Bluetooth and give it the same Alexa power – for less than $ 15. Think of it like a chromecast but with a microphone.

Our advice?
Dot is a great small speaker, but if music is your primary driver and you have a speaker that can connect to the input, this is probably the best option. That said, we’re still comparing it to paper without checking the input. We will try soon.

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Amazon Echo Dot: Alexa and the smart home

The benefit of smart assistants residing in the cloud is that you get the same experience across devices (in most cases). The new Echo Dot is the same Alexa, from voice to smart. Amazon has strengthened its smart assistant considerably since we reviewed the latest Echo Dot. These include a new and improved Alexa application that makes Echo Dot a breeze.

Once your dot is “plugged in” to your Alexa account, you’ll be able to ask it all, whether it’s “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” or “Alexa, what’s the capital of Costa Rica?” There are four mikes at the top of the dot (the last one was only) this time making it even more sensitive and Alexa was nice to hear me, even though the volume was high. This is important when you need to get Alexa’s attention throughout the house.

Alexa is still beating up Google Assistant in the number of supported smart home devices, though Google is working hard to close the gap. The Echo Plus also has an edge on Amazon that packs a ZigBee radio to ride a bike on supported smart home devices – something you won’t find on any of Google’s home speakers. Dot, however, these hubs need to be plugged in if you still do not have a home plus.

                    Pros                                                                                Cons
Clear and loud audio.                                                  Limited smart-home features                3.5mm and Bluetooth audio outputs.                   Music distorts at max volume
Can always hear from you.                                       No longer USB-powered
Small but loud enough.                                              Not ideal for music
Great device support.                                                 Music distorts at max volume
Clear when muted.
Activity can be seen from across the room.
Can always hear you great device support.
Same price as the old model.
Improved design.

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