Amazon Echo Buds Review


Amazon’s first pair of headphones are both good and not so good. It’s great when it comes to features, including Alexa Voice Control and Bose Noise Reduction that work to make any hubbub on the outside evil. This is also a good choice for those who live an active life with great fit and IPX4 rating. However the sound is frustrating with a poor bass performance and lack of details.


  • Comfy
  • Bose Noise Reduction
  • Hands-free Alexa


  • Bog standard looks
  • Disappointing sound

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £119.99
  • Bose Noise Reduction
  • Ear Tip Sizing Test
  • 5 hours battery (20 in total)
  • Hands-free Alexa
  • Weight: 7.6g each
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Echo Buds is Amazon’s first headphone and feature Boss Noise Reduction technology pair

In 2019, Amazon looked to expand its portfolio of hi-fi and home cinema hardware and had an echo bud.

Launched in the UK in the last quarter of 2019, EchoBuds is Amazon’s answer to Apple AirPods. They set a more affordable price, well-made with workouts and feature Bose noise reduction technology.

However, Amazon had a fairly up and down year that was a frustrating echo link amp for every eco studio speaker.

So which camp does the Echo Buds fall into? A headphone that delivers the best all-round performance, or one out of its depth?

Amazon Echo Buds design – Fairly generic, but comfortable to wear

Some would say that echo buds look fairly generic. While they are aesthetically nondescript, ergonomics apply.

These are not bulbs like other truly wireless earbuds, and are not too short to handle. From the three ear tips (small, medium and large) packed in the box to choose and test the seal, the Alexa app has an ear tip sizing test. Amazon advises you to use it with all ear tips before deciding what size to use.

They fit well and they are not uncomfortable to wear even after you can feel them and they do not stretch the ear as the gold WF-1000XM3.

I have never had a problem with the touch control response. The ear sounds minimized and a double-tap puts them in passthrough mode. Pressure and hold on the mobile device enables the preferred voice assistant. The response is instant, and gestures can be customized on both earbuds to mute microphones, switch playback controls or skip tracks.

Amazon Echo Buds sound – Not the best performers

Each paired headphone survives or dies its audio performance. Unfortunately, echo buds have performed fairly amiss.

Let’s start with the bus. Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, M.A.A.D. There are plenty of buses in downtown Alabama, but the EcoBuds are soft and uncomplicated in that. Bus hounds may like it, but it rarely seems true to how the track should sound.

They are confined to the crust, with that soft shaft affecting the lower end of the frequency range, and trigeminal reproduction is not particularly effective.

Spotify’s Dungeon No. 2 involves a lot of highs and lows, but not sharp enough to hold echo buds. The heights are not really felt, which forces the energy out of the track as well as influencing the timing. You want the echo bud to be more sharp and responsive.

It looks like it is under the warm, whimsical nature of the Echo Buds, which has proven to be very lascivious-fire. There is a lack of separation between frequencies, sound comes as a larger whole rather than gaining a sense of depth. The mid-base region looks as if it is lacking, weakening.

There is no great idea of ​​the strength or scale of the performance. The Utah Escape track brings a lot of energy to Nathan First’s need for speed, but that power and scale is not felt. Turn on the volume and the details will be lost as the brass section gets rather brighter.

There are decent aspects though. The focus was on voice communication with precision as Chris Cornell gave voice to the Blackhole Sun Show. It’s not the most textured, but it’s fine for what it is. Even though the soundstage is wide and leans towards the cramp, there is decent stereo imaging.

The way that Amazon tune the Echo Bump has proven to be a bit of a shame, as elsewhere Echo Beds offers good value for its price.

Amazon Echo Buds features – The Bose Noise Reduction is great

So while the audio does leave something to be desired, Amazon has done well in other aspects, which leads to a deterioration of the audio quality.

Amazon has demanded five hours for playback (Noise Reduction and Alexa enabled) and four hours for call time. These prices include earbuds with better battery life but they do not have the same level of features.

Battery tests can probably be further expanded by disabling Alexa and Noise Reduction for just over five hours of playback.

The large side charging case can hold up to three additional charges for a total of twenty hours. The 15-minute charge gives two more hours. At the bottom of the pairing is a button to start pairing it, while at the front there is an LED light indicating the status it is in (red for low battery, blue for Bluetooth, etc.). There is a USB-C connection to the right of the case. I just try not to place it in place with trying to charge with a different one and nothing happened.

They are a great fit for the gym, literally. These are some of the snuggiest genuine wireless earbuds I’ve ever worn. Two gym workouts and a session on the terrific belly curl machine and echo beds go from the original. With IPX4 resistant, Echo buds can withstand sweating and some light splash water.

The title attribute of the EcoBuds is Bose Noise Reduction. There is no need to be confused with Active Noise cancellation, it reduces noise such as in offices or restaurants but is not likely to stand on planes or other harsh environments.

Nevertheless, its application is good, reducing the noise of the environment to a fair extent. After using these in a bar filled with people, the effect can be described as calm. Passthrough mode lets you sound and how much you can tweet in the Alexa app.

The Alexa app offers a few things, from adding new skills; Listening and listening to Amazon music, calling and messaging people.

Hands-free Alexa operation is employed. Ask him to tell you the news and he’ll bring you the latest updates from BBC, Sky and Telegraph. Amazon, like other pieces of Alexa-enabled hardware, has also implemented privacy controls to mute Alexa and prevent her from listening.

Amazingly and refreshingly, Amazon doesn’t just limit you to Alexa. Want to use Google Assistant or Siri? Press and hold both Airbodies to activate the native assistant on the device.

Finally, the app has an ear tip sizing test to help the wearer find the best seal. A series will be heard to determine the quality of the seals in small, medium and large sizes.

Should you buy the Amazon Echo Buds?

When it comes to features and designs (looks so low), eco-buds compete against their pricing. Bose noise reduction is great, and it’s not true noise cancellation, it works well to reduce ambient noise.

They fit well; Great choice for active users with a comfortable fit and five hours of playback is about average, though you can get longer life for a shorter time. But the word… Although these were created with no memory in the audio file, the echo blades miss rather than hurt.

Other options include 2019 Cambridge Audio’s Melmonia 1. Battery life is 45 hours total, sound better and you can get it for under $ 100 right now.

And the affordable option is Lipertech Tevi. They give a very versatile sound to the various ends of the musical genre and further improve the sound০ hour battery.

Not only Cambridge and Lipertech have the advanced features of Echo Bud, but they have had a better audience experience.

Trusted Score:                                                 ∗∗∗∗∗